New ropeway works in Bursa start in October

📩 24/11/2018 09:46

Leitner, the only authorized person to build the new ropeway, is aiming to hit the first dig at the end of next month. 250 A full range of mechanical and electronic materials will be available from Italy in the coming days.

The Italian partner Leitner continues to work as the only authorized company for the construction of the project, which will extend the cable car to the Hotel Zone.

Leitner company, which draws all the projects, completes the map coordinates and preparations up to the points where the poles will stand, began to wait for the mechanical and electronic materials coming from the Italian. 250 TIR full of electronic and mechanical materials will come towards the end of next month and construction work will begin as soon as the materials arrive. 9 will be the longest cable car line in the world with kilometers, and helicopters will be used in many places in order not to damage the nature.

Leanman Okan Kaylan, the new project; Teferrüç-Kadıyayla-Wrapped and Hotels Zone, including the 3 line and 4 station, stating that the project will be very comforting the exit to Uludag, if the necessary permissions are taken in the continuation of the lift, Gökdere'ta Bursaray said that they aim to be downloaded to the station.

If this target is realized, Gökdere Teferrüç'e 6 minutes, Teferrüç'tan from the Hotel Zone in the 24 minutes underlining the Kaylan draws out, UM Within the project stations will be 2 hotels and shopping malls. There are separate investments in different stations. As it is within the boundaries of the National Park, accommodation facilities will be in Kadıyayla and Teferrüç because there is no right to stay in Sarıalan and Hotels Region. However our priority is to finish the line. We intend to focus on other projects after negotiations with the municipality. Diğer

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