Alanya will participate in the cable car tender with two of the largest companies in Austria and Italy

While the countdown for the biggest tender that Alanya Municipality has done so far, 6 learned that two of the two biggest companies of Austria and Italy will take part in the tender for the ropeway project in September. The Austrian firm Dobbelmayer and the Italian Leitner are known as the most famous ropeway projects in the world.
SARAY District, on the side of the Municipality Social Facilities on the Güzelyalı Avenue, Alanya Castle, which is planned to be built between Çarşı Mahallesi, Alanya Castle and Ehmedek Gate, has been operated by escalator / band and 20 for a period of one year. will make. The total cost of the ropeway rent will be 6 thousand TL and the amount of provisional guarantee will be 18 thousand TL. Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu, who brought the issue to the agenda by presenting the matter to the agenda at the Alanya City Council meeting held in February, gave information about the project.
The project, which will cost 17-18 million pounds, predicted that Alanya Municipality would not be able to realize its power alone. Sipahioğlu said that there are companies with a build-operate-transfer model to implement the project. Sipahioğlu underlined that the ropeway project will provide significant benefit to the district tourism, oğlu Because the companies that bring tourists to Alanya Castle by bus, give tourists 30 minutes, then take the tourists and take them from the city. With this project, we will integrate tourists with the city le. According to the information obtained from the Municipality of Alanya, 6 will be held on Thursday in September before the bidding of the two most important companies in this field of Alanya in the field and sent the team to Alanya region, and the project is a business that will bring profit when the Municipality of Alanya has received the 1.180 TL specification appeared.
Tender for cable car construction in important ski resorts and cities of the Swiss Alps, France, Italy and the United States. kazanIt is stated that Austrian company Dobbelmayer and Italian Leitner companies, which are accepted as the authority in the world and the world, will enter into a fierce competition by participating in the tender on September 6th. Meanwhile, in addition to the Austrian and Italian firms, two Turkish firms received a specification to participate in the tender. It is stated that Doğukan and Baltek Gayrimenkul will participate in the tender and compete with Austrian and Italian companies. The works will start 15 days after the tender. kazanIt is eagerly awaited whether the firm will deliver the work within a year.

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