Is the cable car really close?

📩 24/11/2018 11:33

The Council of State has thus overturned the decision of the Army Regional Administrative Court on the service of the cable car carrying 1 million people. The decision made no effect in the Army.

Seyit Torun, the Mayor of the Army, stated that he found the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court biased. We have expert reports, expert reports fixed, the event is completely fixed. The army ruled the Administrative Court according to the evidence. I think there is a certain shortcoming in the decision of the State Council. Dan

Shock decision for the ropeway which Ordu Municipality opened in June. The Council of State has so far given the decision to stop the execution for the cable car carrying the 1 million people to Boztepe.

During the construction of the cable car, upon the decision of the construction of the building taken by the Samsun Regional Directorate of Foundations, the Ordu Municipality applied to the Ordu Regional Administrative Court and won the court. However, the decision of the Ordu Regional Administrative Court was annulled by the State Council.

After the opening of the cable car which provides access to Boztepe, which has been the subject of long discussion in Ordu, has been disturbed by the Municipality. 500 was stopped by the Council of State on June 12th. Samsun Provincial Directorate of Foundations has brought the issue to the Council of State. The Council of State, which dealt with the issue, found the defense of the Regional Directorate of Foundations and decided to stop the execution of the ropeway service.

Torun: “Great sorrow

I am in "

Army Mayor Seyit Torun, said the Supreme Administrative Court's decision was wrong.

Stating that they were surprised by the decision, Torun said,, The Council of State overturned the decision of the Ordu Administrative Court. Based on that decision, the decision of the Board of Conservation of Natural Heritage will be issued. We are waiting. B

Stating that there is a great sadness, President Torun said, ığ I feel really sorry. After all, over a million people, our guest used the cable car. The contribution of the cable car to Ordu tourism was obvious. There were some worries about the distortion of the image, and it seems that these concerns aren't very obvious. And the cable car added great value to the tradesmen of the Army. Our guests who came to Ordu were only sleeping one night and early in the morning. Now the length of the stay has been extended. The number of tourists visiting the army has increased. The value of the lift is added to the Army. We respect the judgment of the judiciary, we will follow the case. We will see the results together, göre he said.

”The Council of State decided bias“

Torun said that there is no information about what will happen after the decision,, I do not know how the process will be developed after the decision. We will consider it legally. We're going to sue against you. Now we are waiting for the decision to be released from the board again today. I don't know how it's gonna be. We have expert reports. I find the decision of the Council of State is definitely biased. Our administrative court had made this decision by proving it. The expert reports are fixed, the incident is completely fixed, I think there is a certain shortcoming when deciding the Council of State sabit.

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