34 Istanbul

Tree barrier to tram services in Istanbul

In Çapa, a tree fell on the high voltage line of the tram due to the effect of the wind and damaged the line. Upon the notification of the officials, the firefighters who came to the scene started work to remove the tree from the line. Meanwhile, [more…]


Countdown for Cable Car Continues in Antakya

Antakya Municipality, which gives importance to the construction of alternative social reinforcement areas where people can be intertwined with the environment, besides the infrastructure arrangements of the upper and lower structures, Antakya Municipality [more…]

61 Australia

Derailments 2012 Fair - Canberra

Derailments 2012 Fair, which will be held at the Canberra Railway Museum, between the dates of 24/07/2012 – 27/07/2012, RISSB Research and Analysis Workshop will open its doors to its visitors on rail systems passenger wagons and freight vehicles Parts maintenance issues. [more…]

alstom bombardier
49 Germany

Alstom Wuppertal to Renew Monorail Signaling

An agreement of 17 million EURO was signed between the enterprise and Alstom for the renewal of the signaling in the overhead suspended airrail system, which we can call the symbol of the city of Wuppertal. Within the framework of the project, the advanced system called ETCS Level 2+ [more…]


Railway Systems Engineering

The Department of Rail Systems Engineering is only available at Karabuk University in Turkey. Graduates of this department are given a 100% job guarantee as well as being given a double diploma. The aim of Turkey's first Rail Systems Engineering Department [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray will fly the suburban lines!

Halkalıcommencement of rehabilitation of suburban lines in the Marmaray Project, which is based on the improvement of the suburban railway system in Istanbul extending to Gebze and the construction of Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing Halkalıimprovement of the suburban rail system in Istanbul from Istanbul to Gebze; [more…]

34 Istanbul

T4 Habibler - Topkapi Line

17 The T2007 tram, which was commissioned in September 4 and serves between Şehitlik-Mascid-i Selam and 18 in March 2009, provides service to the 15,3 km line after the Edirnekapı-Topkapı stage was put into service on March 4. TXNUMX [more…]