Countdown for Cable Car Continues in Antakya

Antakya Municipality, which attaches particular importance to the construction of alternative social reinforcement areas where people can be in touch with the environment, in addition to infrastructure and superstructure environmental regulations, has previously [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray will fly the suburban lines!

Halkalıcommencement of rehabilitation of suburban lines in the Marmaray Project, which is based on the improvement of the suburban railway system in Istanbul extending to Gebze and the construction of Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing Halkalıin Istanbul, extending from to Gebze [more…]

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T4 Habibler - Topkapi Line

The T17 tram, which was put into service on September 2007, 4 and serves between Şehitlik and Mescid-i Selam, was put into service on March 18, 2009, with the Edirnekapı-Topkapı stage being put into service for 15,3 km. [more…]