In Mecidiyeköy, all arrivals and departures were directed to the overpass as the under-bridge passage was closed.

Avcılar- Söğütlüçeşme The busiest stop of the Metrobüs line is Mecidiyeköy Station. Thousands of people at the same time in the station at the same time the vehicle is getting out of the vehicle.
For the time being, an underpass was previously closed at Mecidiyeköy station. While the thousands of people were trying to use the overpass, the image formed seemed to be full of an emperor.
This morning I got on the Metrobus from Sefaköy station like 07.45. Like the 08.20, I arrived at the Mecidiyeköy stop. I've always seen that the used path is closed with the reason of the running work. Every cut was using the overpass. However, the image is full of a crowd of Ancak It is impossible to walk step by step. I could get 45 minutes from the bridge. At that time, a middle-aged woman fainted with heat and intensity. People tried to save the woman from there, but it was not possible. She was left on the sidewalk empty, and she gave water to someone.
In Mecidiyök density, the Metrobus vehicle began to leave people at Çağlayan stop.
Moreover, what a guiding what an official has. If there is a panic situation there are dozens of people in danger of crushing. And despite all that, there's not a single ambulance.
While someone is trying to get out of the same overpass, Kadıköy going down to go. The resulting image is simply a crowd of apocalypse. I'm already thinking about the way back in the evening.

Source: Hürriyet

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