06 Ankara

Dent in Ankara Metro

A dent occurred in Ankara due to the construction of the subway on İnönü Boulevard and a person fell into the pit formed in the dent. Due to the construction of the Ankara Metro, traffic on 10 June [more…]


Pandora's Box Opened in Konya Tram

Now, I am getting back all the things I have been talking about for years about the tram in newspapers, on TVs and around the corner on the street. I apologize for any criticism I have made against the tram. What an injustice I have done. [more…]

35 Izmir

Overpass crisis in Izban

It is seen that the Izban line, which the people of Torbalı are looking forward to, will not be completed in the planned time. While the second line works continue at full speed, the Metropolitan Municipality undertaking the construction of the stations and overpasses [more…]


Estram made frequent expeditions for LYS

Due to the Undergraduate Placement Exam (LYS) to be held between 23-24 June, ESTRAM is the market where exams are used for university candidates to attend the exam so that they do not have a problem in their transportation to the test sites. [more…]


TÜVASAŞ to be destroyed

Turkey transportation Sen Branch Chairman Shield Life, "Turkey Liberalization of Railway Transport" that the draft law about the beginning of the privatization process suggested explanation from Kalkan Turkey Transportation You [more…]

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