Europe Ro-La Train Route Map and from Turkey

ro la train
ro la train

As TCDD, we have been working intensively for the last three years in order to form the infrastructure of Ro-La transportation, which is the indispensable transportation type of the future.

In this context, studies have been carried out with the participation of TCDD and the representatives of the road private sector such as Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia-Montenegro, Slovenia, Hungary Railway Organizations and UND and RODER.

As a result of these studies; Turkey from Europe Ro-La transport -Avustury of Istanbul in cooperation with the private sector on the route 3 below (Wels or Salzburg) is planned to be launched between.

Ro-La Transportation

Container / Swapbody transportation of outside other intermodal rail transport method that Ro-La transportation of Turkey to launch in Europe in order to Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia Railway Administrations three routes, with a meeting held in Istanbul in July 2005 with the participation of representatives Ro An agreement has been reached to carry out La transportation ( Ro-La routes are structured as follows:

  • 1. Route (2119 km, 87 hours): Halkalı (Turkey) / Bulgaria / Romania /
    Hungary - Wels (Austria),
  • 2. Route (1962 km, 72 hours): Halkalı (Turkey) / Bulgaria / sırbistankaradağ / Croatia / Slovenia / Wels (Austria)
  • 3. Route (1840 km, 70 hours): Halkalı (Turkey) / Bulgaria / sırbistankaradağ / Hungary / Wels (Austria)


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