Turkey's Marmaray 150 Annual Dream was the first Ray Tile

marmaray trains
marmaray trains

Another important step was taken in Marmaray's dream to cross the Bosphorus under the sea. Erdoğan built the first rails in the project, which will provide uninterrupted transportation from Beijing to London.

TURKEY Marmaray in the 150-year dream was thrown another important step yesterday. After the unification of the tunnels in the century project connecting Europe and Asia, the first rails were welded with a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Thus, the first rails were laid in a total of 1860 kilometers, starting from Ayrılıkçeşme and going to Kazlıçeşme underground and under the sea, in the dream of crossing the Bosphorus under the sea, whose first project was prepared by Sultan Abdülmecit in 14.5 but not realized under the conditions of the day. KadıköySpeaking at the ceremony held at the Fountain breakups Station Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan made the first source in the 150-year dream, he wished to be beneficial Marmaray experiencing a new turning point. “We have drafted a draft project that was dreamed in 1860, a dream of 150 years, until the stage of laying the rails. Today, we do not embody only a 150-year dream. "We are now putting one of the most original projects in the world, a marvel of transportation, and an engineering masterpiece," said Erdogan, adding that the work is not an easy task.

Erdogan said, 'Seeing Marmaray as laying tubes under the sea and placing a rail into it, is to underestimate it. We perform this work under a sea with two currents in the opposite direction. At the depth of 60 of the surface, we realize this project with the deepest immersed tube tunnel in the world. We are not only building a rail transportation system, but also building a piece of art with fine workmanship. I would like to express this in particular. The Marmaray Project is not an Istanbul Project, especially by drawing the gold underneath it. Marmaray project is a Turkey, Asia and Europe is a project that combines cross-linking continents, is a world Marmaray project, "he said.

Erdogan said: gat This project, although Istanbul project, so much Van project, is the project in Tekirdag, Antalya, Yozgat, Erzurum, Kars project. In fact, this project is a project that closely concerns London in the West and Beijing in the East. With the completion of Marmaray, only the Anatolian and European sides will not merge with the rail system. With this project, an uninterrupted railway line was built between Beijing and London and a demiryolu modern silk road arasında was built. Bu

29 will catch up with October 2013

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Transportation Binali Yıldırım said, duy Today we are starting to hear the footsteps of Marmaray step by step with the rail system T. Yildirim i The completion date of the project was announced by you as Prime Minister 29 October 2013 (Prime Minister Erdogan). To keep up with this program, we continue to work day and night with our entire team. Bu ECONOMY SERVICE


75 thousand passengers per hour

  • Prime Minister Erdogan, according to information within the Marmaray, Asia and the European side of the 40 station will be made.
  • The 76.3 kilometer-long line and the 13.6 kilometer will be underground. 75 thousand passengers will be transported in one direction per hour.
  • Every 2 a train per minute, you can move on those lines. The project will take 4 minutes from Üsküdar-Sirkeci.
  • Yenikapı from Söğütlüçeşme to 12 in minutes, from Bostancı to Bakırköy in 37 minutes, from Gebze HalkalıIt is now possible to reach 105 in minutes.
  • Currently, the share of the rail system in 8 in Istanbul will increase to 28 when Marmaray is completed.
  • The project will be completed at 29 October 2013.

2023 up to 14 thousand kilometers

PRIME MINISTER Erdogan, in his speech at the ceremony, "2023 year, east to west, north to south 10 thousand kilometers of speed rail, 4 thousand kilometers, we aim to make a conventional railway," he said. 9 emphasizes that they have renewed the 75 of the existing railways, 6 thousand 375 mileage railway, but not only the construction of the railway, but also the facility that produces high-speed train and metro vehicles in Sakarya, high speed train shears facility in Çankırı, Sivas, Sakarya, He stated that they have established high speed train sleepers in Afyon, Konya and Ankara and facilities for producing rail fasteners in Erzincan. Erdoğan said, min Here, of course, I will tell you that if you pay attention to them in general, it is always a well, not a minaret. You see the minaret, but you don't see the well. Most people love to do minarets, but it doesn't count on doing well yap. If you have chosen the completion of Izmir, BAŞKENTRAY in Ankara, Erdogan voicing the Gaziray in Gaziantep, Turkey xnumx'nc in the world, xnumx'ınc said they raised the country in high-speed trains in Europe.

Noting that they will complete Marmaray's mastership periods, Erdoğan said izi We will launch many projects such as Marmaray, Kanal Istanbul, two new city projects in Europe and Asia Minor, Taksim Project in the period of mastery, and we will end them quickly. Marmar

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