34 Istanbul

British Financial Times Newspaper Warns Turkey 3. Bridge

British Financial Times newspaper, Turkey's in infrastructure tenders in recent years 'very bright with no track record to' emphasis on the news where, 3rd bridge the budget deficit to GDP ratio as çıkartabileceğini a point close to 1.4 percent from 2 percent, he said in the report, the cost of the bridge, [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Is the Bridge Really Necessary?

Boğaziçi University Civil Engineering Faculty Member Prof.Dr. Semih Tezcan's article on the 3rd Bridge. Boğazray Tüpgeçit Project will not need even a dollar of foreign currency, only by Turkish contractors, with one-sixth of the cost of the 3rd bridge and [more…]

35 Izmir

Number of stations increased to 5 on Torbalı-Tepeköy line

Due to the high demand from the residents of Develi village on the line, the Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD decided to build a station in the village. Another station was added to the Torbalı-Tepeköy line, which will increase the İZBAN line to 110 kilometers. The new station will be built in Develi village. [more…]


TCDD specializes, monopoly departs!

As of 2012, TCDD will raise its competitors and abolish the monopoly in railway transportation. According to Turkey's 2012 year of the program it was determined radical goals in the transport sector next year. TEKEL IS RISING A new era in TCDD's train operation in 2012 [more…]

06 Ankara

10 'babayiğit' for the domestic train

The "local" condition brought to the Ankara Metro tender has put Turkish companies into action. 10 "babayiğit" came together for the production of local tram and metro wagons. Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) President Nurettin Özdebir, local trams and subway cars in Turkey [more…]

16 Bursa

88 years ago today's tram lines

During the debate on the name of the tram in Cumhuriyet Caddesi, President Altepe gave a striking information yesterday. First steps for the tram in Bursa 108 was thrown away years ago, while 88 year-long line planning seems to be in line with today's plan vay Büyükşehir Belediye [more…]


18 January 1909 Ask The Question About Baghdad Railway

On January 18, 1909, a parliamentary question about the Baghdad railway was given by Baghdad Deputy Ismail Hakkı at the Parliament of Parliament. The Constitutional Monarchy was questioning and criticizing the privileges given to foreigners. Hamidiye - Hicaz Railroad Administration (Ministry of Finance) title Hicaz Nezareti [more…]

gokyuzunun ankarara view from the cable car
06 Ankara

Ankara residents flock to Kecioren Cable Car for profit

The people of Ankara flocked to the Keçiören cable car to enjoy the snow. The interest in the Keçiören cable car, which has been the center of attention of Ankara residents since the day it was put into service, increased with the snowfall. Who wants to look at the city from above and enjoy the snow more [more…]