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Lakes Region Express Campaigns to Restart in 2013

The Lakes Region Express will restart its flights in 2013. It was stated that the train services, which were stopped in Isparta in 2008 due to maintenance and repair works on the roads, will be restarted in 2013. Lake Express, which went to Burdur in 2004 due to rail renewal works, in 2008 [more…]



Saying that they adopted the railways abandoned after the first years of the Republic as a state policy after 2003, Yıldırım said, “When you look at the pre-Republic period, the size of the railway network within the Ottoman borders is 14 kilometers. After the proclamation of the republic, the borders [more…]

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GTO President Nail Çiler, in his speech at the parliament, said that the Metro and Marmaray project in Istanbul should be integrated with Gebze and brought the issue back to the agenda.

Gebze Chamber of Commerce (GTO) held its January council meeting. In his speech at the parliament, GTO President Nail Çiler said, “Although the Marmara Region is an industrial zone, the number of disabled workers is very low. According to the information we received from İşkur Gebze branch, 941 Disabled [more…]

Derbent Tuzla flights are starting
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Derbent Tuzla Bus Services Start

Before the train service that will end on January 31, Metropolitan starts express bus services between Derbent and Tuzla. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will set a bus service between Derbent and Tuzla for the train services that will stop as of January 31, 2012. High [more…]

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Asında Ankara Station Between Fences “

Within the scope of the arrangement made in the TCDD Headquarters building and around the Ankara Station, iron bars were built around the Headquarters and the Station building, and x-ray devices were installed at the entrance of the Ankara Station building and the entrance from the underpass by Maltepe. Made [more…]

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Latest Situation at Important Stations at Marmaray

Üsküdar: Rough construction is over. Fine construction work has begun. The station is 80 percent complete. The union of the tube tunnels with the black tunnels was completed and the ventilation system was dismantled. Ventilation is done naturally in the tunnel. Under the Bosphorus every 250 meters [more…]

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Erzurum Winter Sports Festival Continues

A javelin show was performed on snow within the scope of the “Erzurum Winter Sports Festival” organized for the first time this year by the Erzurum Governorship and the Ice Hockey Federation. While the javelin competition held under heavy snowfall attracted great attention, the planned parachute jumps [more…]

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Marmaray will not be affected by special generators!

Work continues rapidly at Marmaray, which is planned to be put into service in 2013. Main stations such as Üsküdar, Yenikapı and Sirkeci are about to be completed. Two generators are installed, one on the Anatolian side and the other on the European side, in order not to affect Marmaray from the major power cuts in Istanbul. [more…]