high-speed train in Turkey, the second largest province of Konya

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ visited Konya Governor Aydın Nezih Doğan in his office. Doğan said that Konya people closely follow the developments regarding the new incentive system.

Bozdag, the developments related to the incentive system is not only the people of Konya, Turkey reported that all the carefully followed.

Everybody, Bozdag stating that the expectations of the situation forwarded to the government, reminded that the current incentive system is made in a framework arranged according to old data.

But much has changed compared to the past of Turkey's data expressing Bozdag, "The new incentive system will supply re-evaluated in a fair manner in line with the new data structure. The work is not finished yet. When it is finished, I hope that a result will emerge that responds to the expectations of Konya people. ”

Governor Doğan gifted a special engraved painting to Bozdağ during the visit.

Bozdağ with citizens in Konya Metropolitan Municipality, where he later went sohbet loved the children.

"Turkey has the second largest province of Konya high-speed trains"

Bozdag, during his visit to Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyurek, told reporters that there is a harmonious working environment in the city.

Stating that he showed Konya as an example elsewhere, Bozdağ said that 4 years passed in this province.

Bozdag, said:

“There is a lot of difference between Konya in my time and Konya today. The population has doubled. The university was one, out of four. There was no High Speed ​​Train. No one even spoke and dreamed properly. When black train songs were called from time to time, there were many who called it 'imagination'. But now when you look at the high-speed train Turkey's second largest city was Konya. The KOP project was a century-old project. Everybody spoke, everybody said, every government said. But the steps to cross the tunnels and bring the Konya Plain with more water were again taken during this period. Hopefully the mountains will be pierced between Antalya and Konya, and from there, the roads will be shorter and will go to a more convenient point. Konya only way in all areas of the university, not the municipality, most changing in all areas of Turkey, was one of the aspiring province. "

Source : http://www.akparti.org.tr

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