Problems of Konya's High Speed ​​Train

Konya's half a century dream of this rapid train to Konya, the ones who bring the occasion, God bless. But we have a little concern. A job goes how it starts. On Friday, I would like to thank two guests for Ankara with the 19.30 high-speed train. The outside air temperature was -7 rating. As well as being a holiday in the schools and the weekend of the weekend, our great dream of high-speed train turned the place of grief.

But it was so small and insufficient that our station building, which would involve so many people, had a shameful appearance on each other.

Let's say this cold 365 of the day, the 90 day to say it would be cold, trying to throw it out of our heads, the clock had been 19.30, but aside from the train aside, the train had not even come from Ankara.

There was no snow and frost from Allah at the beginning of the week. But our train also didn't have much to do. Nevertheless, the officials started to take a very practical and exemplary work on the platform in the cold outdoors by passing the passengers who had waited for the train which was not in the middle before the ticket check and then the security band. You'd see that moment. -7-grade train waiting for a tail on this side, hundreds of people in the queue.

I repeat. The sensitivity of the staff and the staff were able to move the clock in 19.30 instead of 19.52, with the children's girls and the elderly people who were offspring before the confluence of the confusion in the consciousness of duty.

I repeat it again and again. Our high-speed train, which is our Prime Minister Mr. Erdoğan, who has made our high-speed train dream a reality, will settle for one thousand times.

Our concern. This beauty may be humped up tomorrow because of such disruptions at the beginning of the road. There's no point in riding away. There's an airport in front of us. The plane can not land in what is wisdom here with 80 in Turkey. He can't stay down. Is not it?.

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