Problems Caused by Konya's High Speed ​​Train Marrow

May Allah be pleased with those who brought this high-speed train, which has been a dream of Konya for half a century, to Konya, and those who brought it. However, we have a small concern. A business goes the way it starts. On Friday, I was going to send off my two guests to Ankara by high speed train at 19.30. The temperature outside was -7 degrees. As it is known, the schools were on holiday and the weekend came across, and the interest in the high-speed train, which was our magnificent dream, turned the station into apocalypse.

But it was so small and insufficient that our station building, which would involve so many people, had a shameful appearance on each other.

Come on, trying to get rid of our minds by saying that if it were cold 365 days, 90 days would be this cold, it was 19.30, but let alone our train departure, the train had not even arrived from Ankara yet.

Thank God there was no snow and frost at the beginning of the week. But our train was not there. Despite this, with a practical and exemplary work, the officers started to take the passengers waiting for the train, which was not visible, one by one, first through the ticket control and then through the security band, to the platforms in the open air. You would see that moment. There is a queue waiting for the train that has been controlled at -7 degrees, and hundreds of people are in the queue.

I repeat. The responsiveness of the officers and the staff could move at 19.30 instead of 19.52 instead of XNUMX without the confluence, fights and noise.

I express it over and over again. God bless those who brought the high-speed train to Konya, especially our Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan, who made our high-speed train dream come true.

Our concern is this. I am afraid that this beauty may become hunchbacked tomorrow because of such problems at the beginning of the road. There is no point in riding a horse and going away. We have an airport reality ahead of us. Aircraft can not land in what is wisdom here with 80 in Turkey. Can't get up even though. Is not it?.

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