Giant companies meet at the Eurasia Rail Fair to be held in Istanbul

Second Eurasia Rail International Rail, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair 08 - 10 March 2012 will open its doors to the leading domestic and foreign public and private institutions of the sector at the Istanbul Expo Center (IFM).
The first one, the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Binali Yıldırım and his companions opened the fair. TCDD General Manager Mr. Süleyman Karaman showed their support to the fair with its valuable subsidiaries. Total area of ​​8.700 m²; 19 company was represented by 50 foreign companies from different countries and 120 was visited by 1.400 people. This year's exhibition in Ankara last year will be held as 4.200 times larger.
More than 25 will participate in the fair, in which national participation from Germany, Britain, Russia and the Czech Republic will take place this year. In addition, TCDD, TÜVASAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ will be the official participants and supporters of the fair. In the 2012 fair, the leading giants of the sector such as Siemens Mobility, Alstom, Hyundai Rotem, Vossloh, Plasser Theurer, Voith Turbo, Arcelor Mittal, Schnieder, ZF and Knorr Bremse will be present.
Head of the delegation during the fair Dr. The conference and seminar programs, which will include local and foreign speakers from private and public sectors, will make the organization the most important fair in its region.
The Ministry of Transport has proposed an investment budget of 2023 billion euros until 50 for railway systems. Thanks to the increase of 2004 of budget allocated for rail investments since 90; 2 projects in the past 10 has improved by% 3. Last year the total 20 railroad investments in Turkey grew by XNUMX%.
Eurasia Rail will bring together all the organizations and companies of the sector and will provide an effective platform for participants to offer new business development and investment opportunities.

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