The first local tram 2 passed the million test! (Exclusive news)

With the start of mass production, the local tram will be on the tracks next year.

Documentation works are being carried out in local trams produced in Bursa. As the first prototype vehicle produced, the 30 passed the 2 million pulse test, which corresponds to an annual life, while the manufacturing company became the company 7, which received certificates for the production of trams in Europe. With the start of mass production, the local tram will be on the tracks next year.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar The first local tram, which was put into practice with the cooperation of machinery, was produced entirely with the craftsmanship of Bursa craftsmen. Inspired by the fact that Bursa is the starting point of the silk road, the model of the tram, which resembles a silkworm with its design, was identified as 'Silkworm'.

Standing and seated With the capacity of 250 passenger, the tram with 8.2 passenger capacity will be able to work on all the urban routes projected by the Metropolitan Municipality thanks to the inclination capacity of XNUMX. With the laser control system, it will be determined whether there is an object on the rails and if there are any defects on the rails. Thanks to the laser control system, the tram will stop automatically even if the driver does not intervene.

Indicating that the local tram will be more efficient than the 30 at first, according to the tram taken from outside, the Mayor Recep Altepe said that the cost of 55, which is currently 70, will decrease with the increase of XNUMX level.

Expressing that some of the equipment, such as the electric motor, must be taken from outside, President Altepe reminded that no matter which country the production is done, these equipments should be imported.

Mayor Altepe, 14 to be used on the sculpture-garage after the mass production of the 2012 to be used on the track will be used on the rails, he added.

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