Aydin silkworm gave information about the tram

Aydin silkworm gave information about tram: Bursa Engineer and Architect Businessmen Association (BUMIAD), in association building
The Metropolitan Municipality Mayor also hosted Taha Aydın, known as the Technical Advisor and the father of the tram. To meeting Durmazlar Ahmet Civan, General Manager of Machine Rail Systems, also participated and gave information about the 'Silkworm' Project.

Speaking at the dinner, BUMİAD Chairman İlker Özaslan, Taha Aydın, Technical Consultant to the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality for his success in the tram project and Durmazlar He thanked Ahmet Civan, General Manager of Machine Rayh Systems. Durmazlar Machine Rail Systems General Manager Ahmet Civan said, "If Rayh system production offer comes, would you accept it?" Stating that he would not accept it if a question arises, “It is a really difficult process and we entered this process with the words of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe. When we look now, I can say 'We have created an industry for our country'. "If our path is open, we are ready to start high-speed train production."

We criticized the
Taha Aydin, President of the International Railway Industrialists Association (RAYDER) and Technical Advisor to the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, talked about the 'lpekbocesi' Project. Aydın said, “With the Silkworm Project, we reduced the cost from 3 million Euros to 1,6 million Euros. Our money stays in our country. The vision of the country has changed with the İpekboceği Project. There were 5 countries producing their own rail system in Europe, now there are 6 countries with us. This project, which started as an election statement in 2009, is on the rails of Buursa today.

Bursa has taken an important step towards becoming a brand city with this project that has European standards. We were very criticized at first. They said, 'The leopard cannot climb the ramp', they will ask the vehicle to descend if they know the job. Because it's harder to get off the ramp than to take it out. We achieved this with the support of the Durmaz Family. This is a success of Turkish industry, success of Turkish engineers. They are talking about a trillion dollar cake in the 20-year rail system projection in the world. Turkey must take its share of that pie, he said.

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