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Within the scope of the arrangement made in the TCDD Headquarters building and around the Ankara Station, iron bars were built around the Headquarters and the Station building, and x-ray devices were installed at the entrance of the Ankara Station building and the entrance from the underpass by Maltepe.

With this arrangement, the personnel working in the Headquarters and the station building and our citizens traveling by the railways using this area are negatively affected. A press release was made by our Branch in front of Ankara Station at 23 today (Monday, 2012rd of January 12.30). The press release read by our Ankara Branch President İsmail ÖZDEMİR is below.

Press and Public


A number of arrangements were made around the Headquarters building and the Ankara Garage by the decision taken by TCDD management.
With this arrangement, the personnel working in the Head Office and the Garage building and the railroads using this area were negatively affected by our traveling compatriots, and the reactions of our employees and citizens started to be seen.

With the arrangement made;

Those who come to Ankara Gar to meet passengers and send farewells, or even to buy tickets, have to go through the x-ray machine.

The underpass between Maltepe and TCDD Ankara Station is a route used by citizens for the transition to Ulus. Even civilian citizens, including pregnant women, who will go to these routes and will not get on the train, pass through x-ray devices placed in this area. This situation makes transportation more difficult and causes new stresses.

Railway staff in Ankara Gar, due to the duty of the railroad personnel to enter and exit from the door due to the need to enter a single door due to the loss of labor force, as well as the arrival of the arrival of the x-ray device must go through the staff of the staff of the organization's security staff problems between the security officers it is experienced.

The staff working in the High Speed ​​Train Regional Directorate, the Chief of Communications and the Traffic Control Center and the families of TCDD staff living in Biga Street have to go outside of the Gar to go to work and home because of the locked door pulled in front of the Revision building.

Personnel and family members living in the lodgings on Çardak Sokak and those who want to go to the station from the kindergarten have to take the main road. Sidewalks on the side of the main road are not suitable for the passage of so many people, and the possibility of an accident is inevitable at any time. The injuries of two TCDD personnel in the past days justify these concerns. Will TCDD management be able to take the responsibility of such accidents and negativities that will occur in the future? On the other hand, in case of any health problem or emergency that may occur at the Gar, vehicles such as Ambulance / Fire Brigade

How will the entrance and exit to the station area be provided?

In the case of a fire in the Head Office building, as the lower floor windows are ironed, there will be no place for personnel to use as a fire exit. In case of fire and panic, TCDD personnel will be locked between the bars.

It is obvious that our disabled personnel will experience more victimization than other personnel due to these practices.

Only the top-level titles and visitors were taken into consideration in the General Directorate, as the priority was given to the civil vehicles in the vicinity of the Gar.

TCDD is a public institution and provides public services. The Gar area is also a public basin, not private property. There are three double-winged gates on the front side of the station building and on the side of the platform. It is obvious that these gates are planned to relieve the passengers of the passenger / host / sender and to make the movements flowing smoothly. Closing the doors to a single door will cause masses in front of the building, passengers will not be able to reach the train easily, and even miss the train.

Ankara Train Station is one of the important historical buildings. These irons that spoil the visuality, the glass blocks placed in Gar's waiting room do not match this historical texture and cause the hallway of the Gar to lose its function.

TCDD employees, our citizens who use the railway, our citizens who greet their passengers and meet them, those who reside or sit in the vicinity of the station use the Station to make life difficult.

Security measures should be made without complicating the lives of citizens and TCDD employees. It will be the right decision to revise the regulations and to make arrangements in order to eliminate the grievance experienced and to take steps by taking the opinions of the employees and the organized union in the institution.

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