TRT Museum Wagon on Road

TRT Museum Wagon Road Outcome: Turkey 50 the Directorate General of Radio and Television Corporation. V TRT Museum Wagon hazırlanan prepared for use in Turkey and abroad as esi TRT Publishing and History Museum esinde within the framework of the celebrations of the year, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Lütfi Elvan, TRT General Manager İbrahim Şahin, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman from Ankara Gar It was sent off.
Minister Elvan, in his speech at the ceremony in Ankara Gar, TRT 50. expressed his pleasure to be in the celebrations of the year. Elvan said that when he watched the images from TRT's broadcasts in the past years, he returned to the past years and was very touched. He said that there was no television in every house at the beginning of the 70, and that every neighborhood went to their neighbors' houses every night. Elvan said that TRT was an integral part of everyone's life at that time.
With the TRT Wagon project realized with the cooperation of TRT and TCDD, Elvan stated that the emotions experienced by those who knew the period and the children and young people who visited the museum would also have the opportunity to live, van In a sense, this wagon brings our past together and establishes a heart connection between our two periods. ”
Minister Elvan explained that TRT has made great strides in the last 11 years and said that it is an important achievement to reach the number of 15 television and 15 radio channels. Pointing out that TRT is one of the most broadcasting institutions, Elvan said that TRT has become an indispensable part of social and cultural life.
TRT General Manager Ibrahim Sahin today held 50. TRT Wagon is the most meaningful of the year events, he said. In the wagon of the TRT began to broadcast the period of the devices used until today, indicating that Sahin, first to go to Izmir after the train will travel to the province of 20 reported.
TRT artists in the cities where the train will be given by Turkish Folk and Turkish Art Music concerts, which will be recorded Sahin, Minister Elvan and TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman thanked everyone who contributed.
TCDD General Manager Karaman also expressed his satisfaction for seeing the TRT Wagon from the historic Ankara Station. He said that while TCDD tried to raise the railways in every field, it also implemented social and cultural projects.
Previously, TRT and "Train Window", "This Realm" and "Garlar" as a reminder that they have signed a lot of social projects, citizens, the richness of both institutions learned through the TRT said.
Karaman, Turkey is now touring wagon between TRT's 3-7 February, citizens of the station in the station said he would meet with TRT Museum.
TRT Wagon
TRT Museum Wagon, which includes many objects from the oldest microphones in broadcasting history, to today's virtual studios, from historical clothes to microphones used by Atatürk, from radio theaters to arrows used in historical films; prepared as a result of a four-year study.
Turkey's first radio broadcast from the start of the 1927 Turkey's broadcasting and all spent in the social sphere, technological, sociological, economic and cultural developments of today and prepared for transport to the next generation of TRT Museum Wagon 3- 7 February 2014 between İzmir / Alsancak Train Station will be opened for citizens' visit.
voice of Turkey radio and screens, the way the colors and memories "TRT Museum Wagon" of the ride, 14 will continue until May and TRT Museum Wagon "the ride 14 will continue until May and wagon, will be opened to visitors 20 provincial citizens.



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