3 thousand workers working in kabatas mahmutbey subway line 1
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Kabataş- 3 Workers Work in the Mahmutbey Metro Line!

It will be one of the most important metro lines of Istanbul KabataşThe works on the Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro line continue day and night. While the rails are laid in the Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey section of the subway line consisting of two stages, the work at the station is also complete. [more…]

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Mecidiyeköy Mahmutbey Metro Operation Continues

KabataşThe construction of the first phase of the Mahmutbey metro line, located between Mecidiyeköy and Mahmutbey, continues rapidly. The line, which will reduce the transportation between Mecidiyeköy and Mahmutbey to 26 minutes, has 3 stops in Alibeyköy, Yeşilpınar and Akşemsettin within the borders of our district. [more…]

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Golden Horn-Black Sea Sahara Line comes alive

Golden Horn-Black Sea Sahara Line is coming to life :1. The Golden Horn-Black Sea field line, which was established to carry coal from the lignite mines on the Black Sea coast to the Silahtarağa thermal power plant, which was the first to electrify Istanbul on the Golden Horn coast during the World War II, was revived [more…]

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Istanbul 2023 vision: Rail systems

Istanbul will have a rail system network of 2023 km in 641. While the share of the rail system in public transportation will be increased to 72.7 percent, the share of rubber-tyred systems will decrease to 26.5 percent. An important global agenda [more…]