IETT Bus Plunged To The Stop In Istanbul Bahçelievler: 1 Dead, 5 Injured

Istanbul Bahcelievs IETT Bus Dive into Stop
IETT Bus Plunged To The Stop In Istanbul Bahçelievler 1 Killed, 5 Injured

IETT bus on Istanbul Bahçelievler D-100 entered the stop. One of the passengers waiting at the bus stop was killed and 1 injured.

According to the information received, in front of the E-5 side road Metroport AVM, the 34 HY 8280 plate IETT bus under the direction of Sefer B. hit the pavement first, hitting the passengers at the bus stop and then a minibus. Police and paramedics were dispatched to the scene upon notification.

In the accident, physically disabled Hikmet Kaya (51) died at the scene, while Azerbaijani national Ahmad Rzayev, Algerian national Messaouda Mariche, Fatma Oruç, Fehim Aydın and Yeter Baygın were injured.

It was learned that Rzayev's condition was serious, among the wounded, who were taken to the surrounding hospitals by ambulances. Bus driver Sefer B was detained and taken to the police station.

While the crime scene investigation and AFAD teams were investigating and investigating the accident site, a tow truck was brought by IMM to remove the bus.


Meanwhile, Bahçelievler Mayor Hakan Bahadır, who came to the accident site, said in a statement to journalists that 1 person died in the accident, according to the first information.

Bahadır noted that the passengers stated that the driver of the IETT bus approaching the stop fell asleep.

Bahadır stated that the bus first went to the pavement and then crashed into a minibus and stopped.


In the statement made from the official account of the Istanbul Electricity Tramway and Tunnel Operations General Directorate (IETT), it was stated that a private public bus in Bahçelievler went out of control and entered the stop area.

In the statement, "According to the first determinations, unfortunately, 1 of our citizens died and 4 of our citizens were injured. Technical and administrative investigations regarding the incident are ongoing, and our General Manager is on the move.” expressions were used.

In the statement, it was stated that the public will be informed about the supply of camera images inside the bus and detailed determinations to be made at the scene of the incident, and it was recorded that they were deeply saddened by the accident.

Günceleme: 03/02/2023 11:18

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