Dragonflight is Shaping Up to Be One of WoW’s Best Expansions Yet


Dragonflight for World of Warcraft reduces the intensity compared to previous expansions.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has finally taken to the skies, letting players get their new dragonriding mounts to traverse Azeroth. The expansion aims to ease up on the pedal and give players a more relaxing and comfortable experience. If you’ve been actively playing World of Warcraft since its launch (around 18 years ago), then you’ll know that the MMO has gone off into some uncharted, wild territory in terms of lore. Now, Dragonflight is aiming its sights back into coziness and  WoW mounts..

Squeezing Your Way to the Dragon Isles WoW

Getting to the Dragon Isles during the launch is likely your greatest challenge as you try the new expansion. Don’t worry too much if you got yeeted back into Durotar or your character got stuck between the realms of the Dragon Isles and Kalimdor—it’s actually happening to just about everyone who’s itching to get into the game. With so many people trying to get into the zone, the servers started buckling their knees a bit, but if you wait a while, the queue will start to decrease, and you’ll be in the Dragon Isles in no time.

Once you get in, prepare for impact because the lag will be horrendous. Well, that’s to be expected since there are thousands of players trying their best to squeeze through a server that’s already full. Don’t worry; this won’t be permanent—once the hype dies, everything will become more stable once players get tired of farming  WoW gold .

Playing As A Dracthyr is Incredibly Fun

We’ve seen a lot in terms of improvement in the WoW character creator over the years, but the Dracthyr is arguably the best of the bunch. Let’s talk about customization first. There are many options for every possible detail—from the shape of its scales to the curves of its horns. You can make the size bigger or smaller and even add spikes (plus fins) to almost anywhere you like. We’re not done just yet, because you also get to create their visage, the human-like disguise the ancient race used outside the Dragon Isles. When creating what your Dracthyr would look like as a Homosapien, there's a lot to go over. Plus, since they keep their scales and horns, they’re much more visually interesting than the regular human and elf races. You can get three types of WoW characters at the same time when playing as a Dracthyr: the beast-like kind, the monstrous kind, and the sexy kind.

It gets even better if you pair the Dracthyr with the Evoker playstyle. For those that don’t know, the Evoker is similar to mages where they’re casters, but at the same time, they have so much more to offer. You’ll notice that while the other classes and races are interchangeable in World of Warcraft, the Dracthyr can only be Evokers. Not only does this mean that you’ll have only one option to choose in terms of what class to play as, but the Dracthyr’s form and the Evoker’s fighting style are intertwined.

You might think having only one class is terrible since you don’t have a choice, but once you see how impressive the Soar ability is, you’ll never return to using any other class. Soar lets you launch into the sky and fly into distant locations quickly, making traveling around a breeze. No other class can compare to the Dracthyr’s might when it comes to mobility. Sure there’s the Druid and the Demon Hunter, but who cares about gliding and double-jumping your way around the map when you can fly to one quest marker after another?

The Perfect Third Place for MMO Enthusiasts

The “third place” is a sociological term for the spot we go to whenever we’re not doing work or at home. It’s essentially a relaxation area that’s chill and cozy. World of Warcraft has been the “third place” for casuals and MMO enthusiasts for many years. The recent expansions have pulled us into endless content and epic adventures. We have fixed the realms of death, traveled to an undersea kingdom where a tyrant Naga queen reigns, and even checked out an alien cosmic cradle. In Dragonflight, you’ll still be able to find new adventures, but you’ll also get the chance to enjoy the simpler pleasures in life.

Dragonflight exudes a sense of majesty and undiscovered wilderness. You can expect new adventures and the usual kinds of quests slaying mobs or collecting materials, but as for the endgame, everything won’t be as intense. The endgame for Dragonflight sees a de-escalation, as the max-level activities consist of hanging out with friends and building a faction with them. Gone are the days when we had to be the last bastion of the end of the world. Now, you’re tasked with fishing or hunting with your compadres.

A Cozy Experience

All of the things we’ve discussed make Dragonflight far more comfortable than the previous expansions. The addition of Valdrakken, the capital and social hub for Dragonflight, is an immense help for that extra cozy vibe. The Oribos was more like an international airport in Shadowlands than a proper “home.” Meanwhile, Battle for Azeroth had two capital cities (one for each faction). You can expect to spend a lot more time in Valdrakken for the current expansion, considering that it’s where you’ll be practicing your professions the most and trading WoW gold.

Currently, the community positively responds to what WoW’s Dragonflight has to offer. Considering we’ve had two disappointing expansions in a row now, Dragonflight feels like a breath of fresh air.

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