AFAD Detects Risky Rocks in the Villages on the Slope in Şırnak with a Drone

AFAD Detected Risky Rocks in the Bays on the Slope in Sirnak with a Drone
AFAD Detects Risky Rocks in the Villages on the Slope in Şırnak with a Drone

Şırnak Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate teams determined the coordinates of the risky rocks near the villages on the slopes with a drone.

AFAD teams started a study to detect the rocks on the slopes of Kentli in İdil district and Işıkveren villages in Uludere district, which pose a risk for the settlement.

In the study with the drone, it is aimed to determine the size, location and coordinates of the rocks by creating a detailed risk map of the region, and to eliminate the risk of rockfall with the necessary analyzes.

Provincial Disaster and Emergency Manager Muzaffer İşlek said that they carried out preliminary studies with drones in villages where they thought the rocks were a risk.

Stating that the blocks, which remain stagnant for a long time on the slopes, may suddenly fall from the slopes with high slopes and cause damage to roads, historical structures, settlements and infrastructure, İşlek stated that such a situation can also lead to death and injuries.

İşlek said, “After the reports to be produced, we want to break the risky rocks away from settlements or create a healthy environment by applying methods such as steel barriers.” he said.

Günceleme: 04/02/2023 15:17

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