The World's Largest Floating Factory Fishing Vessel

The World's Largest Floating Factory Fishing Ship
The World's Largest Floating Factory Fishing Vessel

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “We are talking about a fully automated technological marvel that can catch and process 450 tons of fish per day and freeze the processed fish within four hours and then deliver it to the shore in a fresh way.” said.

Minister Varank visited Tersan Shipyard in Yalova. He met with the manufacturers and made investigations in the shipyards area. Stating that Turkey currently has shipyards that make the most technological ships of Europe, Varank said,


We examined the ships that will be delivered by Tersan Shipyard in the near future. Turkey; currently owning the shipyards that make the most technological ships of Europe, and the fisherman floating factory ships you see behind us will be delivered to their owners in the near future. When you look at it from here, the ship on the right is currently the largest factory fishing vessel in the world.


A ship used for krill fishing right next to it will go to Antarctica. The other boats we see here are all factory fishing vessels. There is a ship going to Canada. There is a ship going to the Netherlands. This place has almost become the center of exports.


There is one point we emphasize. We are concerned about growing Turkey with value-added production, investment, employment and exports. This area was a swampy area 20 years ago. There were no facilities here. There was no production, but in 20 years, this place has become the area of ​​shipyards that make the most technological ships in the world.


We toured the ship, when we say a factory, we are talking about a factory. We are talking about a technological marvel that has 150 people living in it and can catch and process 450 tuna fish per day, freeze the fish they process within four hours and then deliver it to the shore in a fresh way or deliver it to the markets when it approaches the shore. When you sit on the captain's camera, you can catch the air and the feeling of being in a space base.


Congratulations to Tersan Shipyard. Our other shipyards here are also doing very successful works. As you know, the production of the most qualified nose part, where the torpedoes used in Turkey's submarines are launched, was carried out in Yalova. We have attended ceremonies here about tugboats before. We had participated in the ceremonies of the fishing vessels before. It is indeed a source of pride for us that fishing vessels and such capable vessels are built here.


Turkey; built the first cruiser ship in this shipyard. Cruise ships exported abroad, powered entirely by electricity and respectful to the environment, were built in these shipyards. We are aware of the trends of the future. We invest in those areas and we will continue to develop our country by producing the world's most technological ships. We really owe our shipyard owners a debt of gratitude and wish them continued success.


Tersan Shipyard General Manager Mehmet Gazioğlu stated that the fishing vessel, which was built according to the Arctic rules, was designed to operate in the harsh conditions of the North Pacific, and said, “It is the largest size fishing vessel allowed by the rules. A fishing vessel 108.2 meters long and 19 meters wide. These are the factory fishing vessels with the highest capacity at the moment. These are the ships that 150 people work on and that stop at the sea for about 10 months for logistic support, catching fish by constantly supporting their products from the land, and producing in their factory. These ships to many countries of the world; One of the ships we have delivered from Canada to New Zealand. We enjoy doing it, we know that this country shares its joy with us, we are proud.” used the phrases.

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