China: Ukraine Crisis Must Be Resolved Diplomatically

The Jin-Ukraine Crisis Must Be Resolved Diplomatically
China Ukraine Crisis Should Be Solved Through Diplomatic Ways

China's Permanent Representative to the UN, Zhang Jun, called on the relevant parties to act cautiously, to prevent attempts to increase tensions, and to create favorable conditions for the Ukraine problem to be resolved through diplomatic negotiations.

The draft resolution on condemning the referendums held in the four regions of Ukraine, which was discussed in the UN Security Council yesterday, could not be approved due to Russia's veto.

The draft resolution condemning the referendums on accession to Russia in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson was prepared by Albania and the USA. Ten countries, including the USA, France and the UK, voted in favor of the resolution, while China, Gabon, India and Brazil abstained from the vote.

Zhang Jun, in his statement yesterday, stressed that the most urgent task at the moment is to ensure the de-escalation of tensions in Ukraine, the resumption of diplomatic negotiations between the parties concerned and the realization of a ceasefire.

Reminding that China's stance on the Ukraine issue is consistent and clear, Zhang said, "The sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries should be protected, the purposes and principles of the UN Charter should be respected, the legitimate security concerns of all parties should be taken into account, and all efforts for the peaceful resolution of crises should be supported." used the phrases.

Pointing out that political isolation, sanctions and pressure and creating conflicts between the blocs do not bring peace and further complicate the problem, Zhang pointed out that China, as a responsible country, always favors peace and will continue to play a constructive role in easing tensions and resolving the crisis. recorded.

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