Table Olive Exports Reached 110 Thousand Tons

Table Olive Export Reached Thousand Tons
Table Olive Exports Reached 110 Thousand Tons

Turkey managed to exceed 100 thousand tons in table olive exports for the first time. As of September 30, 2022, the 2021/22 Turkish table olive export season has been completed. Compared to the previous season, our table olive exports increased by 24 percent from 88 thousand tons to 110 thousand tons.

The amount of foreign currency obtained from table olives is; increased by 15 percent from $150 million to $173 million.

Pointing out that the homeland of the olive tree is Anatolian lands, Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters' Association Chairman Davut Er said that 41 million olive trees in 190 provinces in Anatolia where olive cultivation is carried out have offered health and taste to humanity for thousands of years.

Olive exports greened up

Stating that our black olive exports increased from 2021 thousand tons to 22 thousand tons in the 19/67 season, with an increase of 80 percent compared to the previous season, President Er said, “The amount of foreign currency we obtained from black olive exports; increased by 10% from $114 million to $125 million. Our increase rates in green olive exports were much more pleasing. While our green olive export was 21 thousand tons last season, this season it increased to 42 thousand tons with an increase of 30 percent. The export income of green olives also increased by 35 percent from 35 million dollars to 48 million dollars. We are proud to surpass the record of 2018 thousand 19 tons in the 91-122 season. I congratulate all our producers and exporters who contributed to this record.”

60 percent of olive oil exports were packaged

Expressing that they left the 11-month period behind in the olive oil export season, Er continued his words as follows; “Our olive oil exports increased from 28 thousand tons to 40 thousand tons with an increase of 52 percent on quantity basis. Export amount increased by 44 percent from 124 million dollars to 180 million dollars. Our olive oil, which we define as golden liquid, was exported with a value of 13 percent in dollar terms this season. Our average kg export price increased from $3,03 to $3,44. In this period, we have realized approximately 52 percent of our 60 thousand tons of olive oil exports as packaged. We consider this as a very positive development for our industry. Our pomace exports, on the other hand, increased by 168 percent from 8 million dollars to 22 million dollars. The total exports of our industry increased by 32 percent, from 282 million dollars to 373 million dollars. We are leaving behind a successful season with our exports running to 400 million dollars.”

2023 target is 500 million dollars

Expressing that the olive industry is preparing for the new season with great hope, EZZİB President Davut Er shared that they expect a better harvest in terms of both quality and quantity in the new season, if the weather conditions and precipitation are suitable. Er, “There are predictions that yields will remain low in Spain and Italy due to global warming. We think that we can turn this situation into an opportunity for our exports and we aim to increase our exports to 500 million dollars for the next season. In this context, I think that the sectoral trade delegation that we will organize for Spain between 27 November and 2 December by our Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters' Association is very important. It will be a very important opportunity for our exporters to closely follow the important developments that will shape the sector in Spain, which is the largest producer, and also to increase their export potential through bilateral meetings.”

Reminding that according to the data of our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, our new planting trees become productive, Er reminded that our table olive harvest is aimed to reach 1 million 200 thousand tons and our olive oil harvest to 650 thousand tons, and concluded his words as follows; “We are getting closer to the targets of this harvest every year, step by step. In this context, we will be able to meet both domestic and international demands in the new season with our 60-70 thousand tons of end-of-season stock.”

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