Rally in Support for President Soyer, Against An Investigation

Support Rally for President Soyere, About which An Investigation Has Been Started
Rally in Support for President Soyer, Against An Investigation

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality workers, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, about whom various investigations were launched by the Ministry of Interior in the period after the September 9 celebrations. Tunç SoyerHe held a rally in support of The workers, who started to gather in front of the Historical City Hall in Konak from 07.30 in the morning, Tunç Soyerwith the slogans “You will never walk alone”.

In the process that developed after the historical celebrations on September 9, the Ministry of Interior was appointed as the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Tunç SoyerOrganized municipal workers in the Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions (DİSK) after the permission to investigate was given to Tunç SoyerHe took possession of it. The workers gathered in front of the Historical Town Hall in Konak before the start of the day, "You will never walk alone", "Together we will win", "There is no salvation alone, either all together or none of us", "We do not keep quiet, we do not fear, we do not obey" and They chanted "We will not feed the Bronze President". At the support rally, "Bronze Mayor, you are not alone", "İzmir with love, with love" Tunç Soyer”, “Country lover Tunç President”, “Tunç President, who gives us strength with his presence, illuminates our path with his light, you are not alone” were carried.

Greeting the workers from the balcony

DİSK Aegean Region Representative Memiş Sarı said, “We say democracy, we call it worker's bread. We are here today because we stand up for democracy. For those unfair lawsuits filed today, the workers stand up for their president. The workers have their votes. President, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you," he said.

President Soyer went out to the balcony and greeted the crowd upon the slogans of the workers and the speech of Memiş Sarı. President Soyer, who went down and came to the workers, said: “My dear brothers and sisters, my dear comrades. My dear brothers and sisters, whom I am proud to walk with. He started his speech with the words “Good luck to you”.

“Labor, Solidarity and Courage”

Expressing that Turkey is going through difficult times, the President Tunç Soyer“Indeed, poverty and misery are growing. These beautiful lands may not survive this poverty. Poverty is not destiny. So why do we experience this poverty? Why do we suffer this pain when we can live a happy life together in this fertile land with a smiling face, health and happiness? Because someone is stealing the right of labor. Because someone is stealing your sweat. This poverty, misery is experienced in these lands even though it does not deserve it at all. This is not destiny, we will change it. We have three keys for this. The first is labor, the second is solidarity, and the third is courage,” he said.

“Life stops without you”

President Soyer stated that labor is sacred and said: “Because it is labor that carries humanity forward. The labor that builds civilizations. Philosophers and sociologists have seen those who produce labor as the vanguard of society.” Stating that life continues thanks to the workers, Mayor Soyer said, “You are the ones who hit the road before the sun rises in the morning. You are the ones who run the buses, the ships, the subways. You are the ones who wake up at your duty until the morning. You are the ones who make people smile in earthquakes, fires and difficult days of the pandemic. Without you, life stops. It's almost time to ask for an account. But we need solidarity," he said.

“We are the honorable people of this country”

Reminding that millions filled the spaces during the September 9 celebrations, Soyer said, “As long as we join hands and stand shoulder to shoulder, they will not be able to bully us. We will not. We will continue to be in solidarity, we will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder and walk together. But we need one more thing: Courage. We are the sons of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's closest friend in arms, our second president, said, 'There will be no salvation in a country if the honest people are not as brave as the dishonest ones.' We are the honorable people of this country, we are the honest workers. We will be brave," he said.

“I am ready to pay the price”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer He ended his speech by saying: “I am ready to pay the price. Let no one doubt. I am ready to pay the full price for the bright future of your children and to make everyone living in this country smile. You gave me the biggest award of my life today. You made me feel that I was not alone. May this life be sacrificed for you. We will walk together to see good days in this beautiful country and we will see very good days. We will make flowers bloom in the mountains of this country and you will see that we will establish a much more beautiful country together.”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who drew the reaction of the government with his speech at the Liberation Ceremony of Izmir on 9 September, Ministry of Interior Tunç Soyer and the municipality administration on 3 separate issues. In addition, the attitudes of some AK Party administrators towards the security personnel at Çiğli Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Facility drew public reaction.

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