Ankara Metropolitan Will Sell 17 Houses in Mamak District with Tender

Ankara Buyuksehir Will Sell House in Mamak District by Tender
Ankara Metropolitan to Sell 17 Houses with Tender in Mamak District

The Real Estate and Expropriation Department of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will go out to tender for the sale of a total of 17 residences in the district of Mamak between October 5-6, 2022.

While detailed information about the tender is available at, the tenders will be broadcast live on Metropolitan Municipality social media accounts and ABB TV.

Continuing its work with the understanding of transparent municipality, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to sell its immovables in order to generate income.

The Department of Real Estate and Expropriation will go out to tender for the sale of a total of 17 residences in the Araplar and Derbent Neighborhoods of the Mamak district between October 5-6, 2022.

The information and documents required for the tender, in which a total of 17 residences in the Ocean, Fir, Ihlamur, Zirve and Yeşil Vadi sites will be put up for sale, are as follows;

– Identity and Authorization Documents,

- Certificate of residence,

– Guarantee Receipt or Bank Guarantee Letter,

– Ground Vision Certificate,

– Specification Receipt,

– Offer Letter,

– Immovable Property Sales Specification,

– Document Not Prohibited from Tenders.

Bidders will be able to access detailed tender information via the address “”.

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