Eren Blockade Autumn-Winter Operations Started

Eren Blockade Autumn Winter Operations Started
Eren Blockade Autumn-Winter Operations Started

Eren Blockade Neutralized with 2 Terrorist Weapons in Şırnak in Autumn Winter Operation

In order to remove the PKK terrorist organization from the country's agenda and to neutralize the terrorists considered to be sheltering in the region. April 15 2022 Spring-Summer Eren Blockade Operations, launched on September 30, 2022 expired as of date.

After the 2022 Spring-Summer Eren Blockade Operations,   Eren Blockade Autumn-Winter operations for the year 2022-2023 were launched as of the date of XNUMX-XNUMX.

The first of the Eren Blockade Autumn-Winter Operations series, in the Bestler-Dereler Region in Şırnak Province, "Eren Blockade Autumn-Winter-1 Martyr J.Tğm. İsmail Can Akdeniz (Şırnak/Kaval Mountain-Bestler Dereler) Operation was planned and started to be executed as of 01 October 2022. In the operation carried out under the coordination of the Şırnak Gendarmerie Regional Command; Çakırsöğüt Gendarmerie Commando Brigade Command, Beytüşşebap Gendarmerie Commando Regiment Command, Gendarmerie Commando, Gendarmerie Special Operations, Police Special Operations and Security Guard Teams affiliated to Şırnak and Siirt Provincial Gendarmerie Commands. 1.600 personel (125)  operational team.
On the first day of the intelligence-based J-SİHA-supported operation; 2 The terrorists were neutralized with their weapons.

over terrorists;

  • 1 M16 Small caliber weapon,
  • 1 AK-47 Kalesnikov Infantry Rifle,
  • 1 Grenade,
  • 4 M16 Infantry Rifle Magazine,
  • 5 AK-47 Kalesnikov Infantry Rifle Magazine,
  • 117 M16 Infantry Rifle Ammunition,
  • 60 AK-47 Kalashnikov Rifle Ammunition,
  • 2 backpack, thermal suit, sniper suit and various medical equipment were seized.

In addition, in a shelter belonging to BTO members;

  • Zagros Sniper Rifle,
  • Bixi Machine Gun,
  • 1 M24 Sniper Rifle,
  • 1 Dragunov Sniper Rifle,
  • signal detector,
  • 10 m. cable,
  • 1 backpack,
  • 1 blanket,
  • 305 kg. foodstuff,
  • 20 kg. cleaning agent found.

In other sectors of operation 7 pieces of shelter, pieces of IED (Handmade Explosives), 3 pieces Grenade, 20 large tube, 220 kg. food and living material were seized.

98 Terrorists Neutralized in the Spring-Summer Eren Blockade Operations

In 2022 Spring-Summer Eren Blockade Operations; 75 of them total of dead 98 the terrorist was neutralized. Especially in operations; the so-called leadership of the terrorist organization was targeted, GREEN, 13 ORANGE and 12 GRAY, total 28 While the terrorist in the so-called leadership was neutralized, the number of domestic terrorists was reduced to the lowest number in its history.
In addition, belonging to a terrorist organization;

  • 490 cave/shelter/storage destroyed,
  • 368 weapon,
  • 710 grenade,
  • 110 mine/IED,
  • 330 bin ammunition of different caliber,
  • 4.100 kg explosive,
  • 1.050 tube,
  • 15 gun scope,
  • 15 gun mounted thermal scope,
  • 30 day vision binoculars,
  • 15 night vision binoculars,
  • 65 radio,
  • 30 solar panel,
  • 75 battery,
  • 25 generator,
  • 78 million root cannabis,
  • 5 million root skunk plant,
  • 12 ton with cannabis powder 28 ton food and living material were seized.

EREN BLUKA AUTUMN-WINTER OPERATIONS, which are carried out to completely eradicate terrorism in the country, continue successfully with the support of our people, with CONFIDENCE and DETERMINATION.

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