One Hundred Percent Electric Buses Taken for Test Drive in Eskişehir

One Hundred Percent Electric Buses in Eskisehir Take the Test Drive
One Hundred Percent Electric Buses Taken for Test Drive in Eskişehir

Work continues for the environmentally friendly, XNUMX% electric buses, which are planned to be added to the city's transportation network by the Public Transport Branch Directorate of the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation. In this context, electric buses produced by various companies are tested in urban public transportation at certain times.

The electric bus, which has been tested in many categories from ramp traction to electricity consumption, mileage range, sound values, charging times, and citizen satisfaction, also carries out passenger transportation on the lines. Monitoring the performance of the vehicle, the Metropolitan Municipality teams also measure the satisfaction with the suggestions and requests from the citizens.

Stating that performance measurement was made with the trial runs, the Metropolitan Municipality teams noted that the test vehicles produced by different companies that produce XNUMX% electric buses will be used for certain periods and evaluation will be made according to the results.

Test drives will continue in the coming days with electric buses produced by other companies.

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