Can Heart Diseases in Infants and Children be Treated with Angio Method?

Can Heart Diseases in Babies and Children Be Treated With Angio Method?
Can Heart Diseases in Infants and Children be Treated with Angio Method?

Pediatric Cardiology Specialist Prof.Dr.Ayhan Çevik gave important information about the subject. In the past, heart diseases in infants and children were treated surgically with the surgical method, but today most cardiovascular diseases can be treated with the angio method. These main operations are:

  • Closing the holes in the heart cavities
  • Closing the openings between the veins
  • Opening of narrow veins
  • Opening narrow doors
  • Closing the veins that are harmful to the body
  • It can be counted as the application of caps instead of caps whose function is impaired.

With the developing technology, the materials and high-tech equipment that can be used in babies and young children are gradually increasing and they are being used widely. The technical methods used and the materials used change the success rate in these processes. There are many advantages of performing these procedures without surgery:

– Sick babies and children do not need to be separated from their parents for a long time due to the short procedure time and the short discharge time.

– The length of stay in the hospital is reduced to a very short time, such as 1-3 days.

– Cost values ​​are lower than surgery costs

There are also some requirements for treatment with angio to be successful:

- Appropriate materials and equipment must be used. The most important problem in this regard is that a large number of materials and equipment are required during the process. In growing and developing children, the size of the materials changes in proportion to the weight and height. It is therefore necessary to obtain and maintain appropriate materials.

Exposure to the risk of infection during these procedures is the most important problem. Therefore, in the absence of adequate protection against infection, the development of infection can lead to dangerous consequences.

- Appropriate technique should be used. Since the results of many complications develop when the appropriate technique is not used, these procedures should be performed by experienced people and teams.

Prof.Dr.Ayhan Çevik said, “As a result, many cardiovascular diseases can be treated in children with the Angio method. In order for these treatment methods to be successful, it is very important that these procedures are performed by experienced teams using materials and technological equipment suitable for the patient.

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