Taiwan Visit Is Pelosi's Political Game

Taiwan Visit Is Pelosi's Political Game
Taiwan Visit Is Pelosi's Political Game

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has faced many challenges in recent days. Paul Pelosi is under investigation for allegedly taking a position by speculating on stocks, taking advantage of his wife Nancy Pelosi's post. Pelosi's son was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in a corruption case in San Francisco.

If Pelosi retains the presidency of the House of Representatives, these problems will be easily resolved. However, Pelosi's biggest concern is maintaining the Presidency of the House of Representatives. With the midterm elections approaching in the USA, the support rate for Pelosi is constantly decreasing. According to the poll results, the number of people who don't like Pelosi now exceeds half of the US voters.

If the Democratic Party loses the House of Representatives, Pelosi will also have to step down as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Thus, lawsuits can be filed against Pelosi's wife and son. That's why Nancy Pelosi decided to play the "Taiwan card" to protect her family's interests and her political identity.

Prior to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, the White House reiterated in several statements that the US does not want to change the One China policy and does not support Taiwan independence. US President Joe Biden and Pentagon officials warned Pelosi about her trip to Taiwan. Biden stated that Pelosi will not represent the US government while visiting Taiwan. However, Pelosi neglected the national security of China and the United States and the interests of all Taiwanese citizens, ignoring political trust to protect her own political interests. This is extremely selfish and unethical behavior.

If we review Pelosi's political career, we see that Pelosi did not even manage a town of a thousand people. Pelosi's favorite and best use in her political life, from MP to Speaker of the House of Representatives, is electoral play. Pelosi selection kazanmay raise any political issue to

Playing political games, Pelosi will lead her homeland on the wrong path. Pelosi cannot see the changes in today's world. China has become much stronger than before. In the field of economy, the US administration wanted to reduce customs duties on Chinese goods in order to reduce inflation in the country. Pelosi's visit to Taiwan could undermine the efforts of the US government. In the military field, the Chinese army recently held joint exercises with real ammunition around the island of Taiwan. This proved that the so-called Taiwanese independence would certainly not materialize.

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