Turkey's First and Only Domestic Active Harmonic Filter DynamiX

Turkey's First and Only Domestic Active Karmonic Filter DynamiX
Turkey's First and Only Domestic Active Harmonic Filter DynamiX

Producing Turkey's first domestic active harmonic filters under the DynamiX brand, Elektra Elektronik continues to offer high value-added solutions to companies experiencing energy quality problems. The company, which is the only domestic manufacturer in our country with this product that it has both engineered and designed; It also provides its customers with great advantages in every aspect from product pricing to technical support. Elektra Electronics Sales Director İlker Çınar stated that companies have recently started to invest in active filters to make production more efficient and underlined that the DynamiX active harmonic filter is in great demand both in the country and abroad.

Exporting transformers and electronic products for energy quality from Turkey to 6 countries in 60 continents, Elektra Elektronik is the first and only domestic manufacturer in Turkey with its active harmonic filter DynamiX, ​​which it launched in 2020 as a result of intensive R&D studies. Company; It provides a great advantage to its customers in Turkey with this product, which is engineered, designed and produced with its expert engineer staff. The company, which stands by the domestic manufacturer in every aspect from product pricing to technical support, thus makes domestic production much more efficient. Elektra Elektronik exports its products to countries such as Hungary, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Jordan and Pakistan; With its price-performance balance, product quality and technical service support, it is ahead of its competitors abroad as well.

The only one in Turkey and one of the best in the world…

Ilker Çınar, Elektra Electronics Sales Director, stating that they offer high value-added solutions to companies experiencing energy quality problems with the DynamiX series, said, “Through our active harmonic filters, we prevent harmonics, which means electrical pollution in industry and commercial facilities, and energy quality problems caused by high neutral ground voltage. We are positioned as one of the only companies in Turkey that produces active harmonic filters with the highest performance in the world, on the way we set out with the aim of eliminating job losses and production inefficiencies. With the strength we get from this, we continue to work harder. The DynamiX active harmonic filter is of critical importance in terms of energy quality in industries such as iron and steel, maritime, healthcare, textile, automotive and banking, where the safety and stability of electrical systems is a priority. Our product prevents malfunctions caused by harmonics, which means electrical pollution, prevents the plant from coming to a standstill and ensures that the machines used are long-lasting. We think that the use of the product will become more widespread as awareness on this issue rises. We aim to double our sales rates by the end of the year. International sales account for 25 percent of the total sales figures of our product. At this point, our search for new markets abroad continues. Abroad, our product stands out compared to our competitors both in terms of technology and price. Demand for DynamiX has increased due to the long delivery times given by other brands regarding the procurement process. As Elektra Elektronik, we manage the supply chain very successfully in this process, we can deliver the products in a short time since we do not experience raw material shortages.” he said.

Solution to production line stoppage problems in industry

In order to use electrical energy efficiently in the industry and service sector, it is necessary to keep the reactive power at a minimum level, which causes unnecessary loading of energy transmission lines and the grid and increases losses. The DynamiX active harmonic filter saves businesses from a great burden in this sense. The national resources lost as a result of the reactive energy that is continuously withdrawn and not consumed and sent back to the production facility is returned to the enterprises as a high amount of reactive power penalty. Elektra Elektronik, which allows to avoid these penalties with the DynamiX active harmonic filter, also prevents the waste of national resources. DynamiX active harmonic filter, which extends the life of the devices by ensuring the correct and full efficiency operation of the electronic devices in the enterprises, thus prevents major problems such as the interruption of production in the industry as a result of the production line being stopped.

DynamiX eliminates current and voltage pollution in the marine industry

The DynamiX active harmonic filter, which is used in many different areas that are heavily affected by variable energy loads and enables the continuous and safe supply of electrical energy by eliminating current and voltage pollution, is also frequently preferred in the maritime sector with its high performance. Harmonics, which should be low by ship standards, create high voltage in ships that provide their energy with generators. Due to this high voltage, undesirable results such as vibration in ship cables, heating up to dangerous levels and resonance in the onboard electrical system can occur. It is of great importance to clean these high current loads, which can also cause the risk of melting, short circuit problems and fire in the cables inside the ship. The product, which comes into play at this point, offers high filtering performance to reduce harmonic current loads.

Prevents fire risks caused by device overheating

As the reactive power is withdrawn from the network in the enterprises, energy loss and heating are experienced as a result of the increase in current. DynamiX active harmonic filter contributes to prevent fire risks and thus loss of life and property due to device overheating. Produced with the most up-to-date equipment and the latest technology, these filters consume less energy than their counterparts. At the same time, it improves the power quality and ensures that the energy quality in enterprises is sustainable and continuous. The product, which can be easily increased with its modular structure, eliminates the current of the neutral line by regulating the current imbalance in the system.

It ensures the continuity of production in the textile sector

In cases where the machines in the textile sector are found to have card failures, the malfunctions are reduced after the use of DynamiX active harmonic filters, the production is prevented from stopping and the production is continued in a rapid manner. The product, which is needed in all industries where motor drives are used extensively, is preferred in facilities where devices that produce harmonics are concentrated in their networks.

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