Restaurant Entrepreneurs Accelerate the Global Journey of Turkish Cuisine

Restaurant Entrepreneurs Accelerate the Global Journey of Turkish Cuisine
Restaurant Entrepreneurs Accelerate the Global Journey of Turkish Cuisine

The restaurants serving in many parts of the world, from Germany to England, from America to Tokyo, accelerated the global journey of Turkish cuisine. Restaurants, which are the representatives of our country's food and beverage culture, establish gastronomy bridges between Turkey and the world.

While the Turkish Cuisine promotion activities, which were started 3 years ago under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's wife, Emine Erdoğan, are accelerating again after the pandemic, the number of entrepreneurs establishing restaurants abroad is increasing. Turkish doner to Germany kazanEntrepreneurs, who are in the middle of nowhere, have now focused on England as the tourism ambassador of Turkish cuisine.

Nadir Gül, the Founder of Shish Meze Restaurant, stated that the gastronomic efforts aimed at promoting Turkish cuisine all over the world accelerated once the effects of the pandemic began to diminish, and said, “With Shish Meze Restaurant, which I established by purchasing the restaurant I worked for in England for 11 years, I created an extraordinary form for the most exclusive flavors of Turkish cuisine. kazanI nagged. From the Aegean to the Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia, I present the local dishes that are representative of Turkish cuisine, blending them with the special recipes of world-famous chefs and presenting them to the British. I am building gastronomy bridges stretching from Turkey to England with Turkish delicacies that we have created in different versions from Beyti to Mihlama, from ribs to kebab varieties.

The turning point of his 21-year career life

Stating that he hosts an average of 600 people a day in his restaurant in London, Nadir Gül said, “By introducing Turkish cuisine to the British, who mostly enjoy their meals with aperitifs, I have also been instrumental in the maturation of a different eating and drinking culture in the country. Shish Meze Restaurant is the turning point of my 21-year career from apprenticeship to restaurant management. Modern identities with different touches to the local flavors of Turkish cuisine kazanWhile we are cooking, we are signing Turkish cuisine in the center of Europe with our extraordinary presentations. At the same time, we highlight the difference in taste of Turkish cuisine by presenting a selection that includes different recipes from world cuisines.”

Bringing together more than 50 flavors in its menu

Noting that they serve with a special menu consisting of more than 50 flavors from Turkish cuisine, Shish Meze Restaurant and Array Restaurant Founder Nadir Gül said, “We are constantly enriching our recipes in our menu by taking into account the seasonal conditions. While serving our guests in our kitchen, we also develop innovative flavors like an R&D laboratory. Our aim is to contribute to the promotion of Turkish cuisine abroad at the highest level. In addition to our tastes, we have succeeded in being a frequent destination for the British with our ambiance. Added value to our country's showcase in the world as the promotional ambassador of both our cuisine and our culture in England kazanwe are going,” he said.

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