İzmir International Fair is Getting Ready to Open Its Doors for the 91st Time

Izmir International Fair is Getting Ready to Open Its Doors Once
İzmir International Fair is Getting Ready to Open Its Doors for the 91st Time

Izmir International Fair, the address of firsts and fun, will also host Terra Madre, the world's largest gastronomy fair. “Terra Madre Anadolu” will bring the abundance of Anatolia to the world.

Terra Madre (Mother Earth), which has been held in Turin, Italy since 1986, includes the products offered to us by mother earth; an organization developed to support good, clean, fair production and sharing. Under the leadership of Slow Food (Yavaş Gıda), Terra Madre, which covers 160 countries to support small-scale producers, will be held in a special area that will be created from the entrance of Kültürpark Lausanne Gate during the İzmir International Fair this year.

Local producers, farmers, shepherds, fishermen, economists, intellectuals, ecologists, anthropologists, writers, philosophers, cooks, producers' unions and cooperative representatives from Turkey and around the world will also attend Terra Madre Anadolu. Spreading from İzmir with the vision of “Another Agriculture is Possible”; Alternative ways that can be used to get one step closer to the goal of achieving healthy, good, fair and clean food will be discussed. With Terra Madre Anadolu, producers will have the opportunity to come together and talk about their problems, while consumers will have the opportunity to discover the farmer, fisherman and producer behind the products. There will be many panels and workshops on access to good, clean, healthy food and agriculture. While the changing food systems will be handled holistically, the flavors of the world will be brought together with the flavors of İzmir and the world. visitors; will come together at İzmir's polyphonic, multi-colored and multi-breath abundance table to make life eternal.

The Fair, which will open its doors for the 91st time; Technology, commerce, culture, art and entertainment will welcome visitors with activities that appeal to all age groups. Concerts where famous artists will take the stage, different events where everyone from 7 to 70 will get their own special taste will meet the visitors in the most rooted cultural heritage of İzmir and Turkey. Izmir International Fair, which hosts different cultures every year and takes everyone who breathes its air to a time travel between the past and the future, Grass Concerts, Mogambo Nights, Rock & Rap Stage, Open Air Theater events, Cinema Here Festival Gastronomy Themed Film Screenings, Terra Madre Anadolu It aims to provide its visitors with enjoyable, fun and art-filled days with Flavor Hunt, Children's Stage, Children's Area, Adventure Park, Game and Technology Area, Knowledge Competition, Zipline Track, exhibitions, sports events and traveling activities.

Izmir International Fair to be held for the 91st time; It will be organized by İZFAŞ, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. The Main Sponsor of the Fair, which will be held between 2 – 11 September 2022, was Folkart, and the Event Sponsor was Migros. Entrance fees to the fair; the full 8 TL, the student was determined as 3,50 TL. Entry and exit will be possible from all gates of Kulturpark and Fair events will be held between 16.00 - 23.00.

The 8th of Izmir Business Days, one of the most important organizations organized within the scope of Izmir International Fair and under the auspices of the TR Ministry of Commerce, will be held online on September 1-2, 2022. With the organization that is an "international trade platform" for Turkey, many commercial agreements were signed with business meetings between delegations and ministerial level, İzmir International Fair opens new trade doors to the participants by fulfilling its commercial mission of nearly 100 years. In the commercial meetings where international investment opportunities and new business ideas will be evaluated, it is aimed to strengthen new cooperations, new initiatives and international commercial activities.

League of Legends Turkey Grand Final 2022 at Kulturpark

İzmir International Fair, which invests in informatics and entrepreneurship and organizes many events within this scope, will host important events of the gaming world again this year. The Turkish Grand Final 2022, where the best League of Legends team of the year will be determined, will take place on Saturday, September 10, 2022 at the 91st İzmir International Fair. The Turkish Grand Final will meet with fans in a city other than Istanbul for the first time, and a special League of Legends 9th annual festival will be held at Kültürpark on September 10 and 10.

Game Start-up competition final at the Fair

Izmir International Fair will also host the Next Game Startup Entrepreneurship Competition, which enables young entrepreneurs who want to take part in the game industry to establish successful game start-ups and aims to lead them to open up to the world by professionalizing them. The 10 teams that made it to the finals in the competition will compete for the place by making their presentations. The leaders of the industry in the field of games and entrepreneurship will come together with the Next Game Startup Competition and Game Entrepreneurship seminars. Game developers will meet not only with game lovers, but also with valuable jury members and mentors, and have the chance to introduce their projects to the whole of Turkey. With the final of the competition to take place on September 11, 2022, the top three winners will be awarded. kazanwill ache. In addition, various events will be held with the award-winning Intel&Vatan Bilgisayar Game Jam and console tournaments.

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