Gaziantep Will Be The First Municipality To Use Hydrogen Fueled Bus

Gaziantep Will Be The First Municipality To Use Hydrogen Fueled Bus
Gaziantep Will Be The First Municipality To Use Hydrogen Fueled Bus

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin held talks in Cologne, Germany, where buses running on hydrogen fuel are used in urban public transportation. Mayor Şahin met with Mayor Henriette Reker in Cologne, where he was in Gaziantep, which is included in the Green City program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), to examine the possibilities of public transportation in the city with environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel. President Şahin gave a message of cooperation on ecological investments between the two cities.

In his statement, Şahin emphasized that public transportation is an important element that pollutes the air and said:

"How does the system work?", "What are the technical things to be done?" Our technical team is also here to review them. We met with the Mayor of Cologne. We talked about what we can do together. City economies have become very important now, the value has risen so much that we have now created a strong infrastructure for self-sufficiency. We have a lot of work to do with Cologne and our sister cities. We went over many issues with the Mayor of Cologne. We talked with German engineers and academics about what needs to be done to green the city's industry and public transportation when they come to Gaziantep as soon as possible. After these studies, we will also carry out on-site technical inspections.

Green buses use hydrogen fuel. Today, we examined how these vehicles do gasification from liquid hydrogen tanks, how production, distribution and storage processes work, and how the entire technical infrastructure works until the bus arrives. In addition, we saw how the fuel was filled. Finally, we got information on how the buses were made hydrogen.” he said.

Stating that the liquefied gas is pressed into the tanks and sent to the fuel station, Şahin said, “Hydrogenous fuel at the gas station is pumped into the bus. The bus is also planned to travel at least 300 kilometers per day. Now, as Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, we first switched to natural gas in our own fleet. We carried out this work with a 50 percent grant. Now we need to switch to buses that use hydrogen fuel.” used the phrase.

President Fatma Şahin, who also talked about the benefits that hydrogen fueled buses will bring to the city, concluded her words as follows:

“What comes out of the exhausts of hydrogen buses is water vapor. No greenhouse gas. It does not pollute the air. Therefore, I am here for smart transportation, green transportation that will keep the soil, water and air clean. We came together with the Mayor of Cologne and the technical friends at the university and the company that did this. We will meet in Turkey as soon as possible and talk to our stakeholders about how we can implement this model. We will also meet with mayors who want to transform both Gaziantep and its new fleet into green transportation. As Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue to lead Turkey on behalf of the green city. We will ensure that our compatriots have access to comfortable, healthy and safe transportation.”

Şahin also met with Mayor Sören Link in Duisburg, the sister city of Gaziantep after Cologne. Messages of mutual friendship were exchanged during the meeting. The mayors of Cologne and Duisburg were invited to the 15th GastroAntep festival on September 4th.

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