Excess Weight Invites Diseases

Excess Weight Invites Diseases
Excess Weight Invites Diseases

📩 11/08/2022 17:07

Dietitian Melda Gizem Tavukçuoğlu made statements about the prevalence of overweight and obesity causing many health problems.

Chickençuoğlu pointed out that with a correct weight loss process, 2-4 kg weight loss per month is defined as healthy.

Indicating that most of the dieters are unable to maintain their lost weight, Tavukçuoğlu said, “Successful weight loss is defined in the literature as a person who deliberately and voluntarily loses at least 10% of their body weight and maintains it for a year. However, diet studies show that between one-third and two-thirds of dieters are unable to maintain their lost weight and gain it back. For this reason, the number of patients who can achieve the healthy results brought by weight loss is less than those who do not.” made a statement.

Saying that overweight and obesity are closely related to psychological conditions, Tavukçuoğlu pointed out that the right weight loss is a process and depends on many factors.

Stress makes you gain weight

Dietician Tavukçuoğlu listed the factors affecting weight gain as nutrition, environment, familial and ethnic factors, chemical environment and stress:

“Although genetics also have an impact on the development of obesity, environmental factors play an important role in the recent increase in obesity prevalence. Nutrition, physical activity, smoking and/or alcohol consumption are among the environmental factors that affect obesity. Chemicals exposed to air, water and soil due to uncontrolled industrial production also affect obesity. The chemicals are also said to cause obesity and type 2 diabetes.”

Underlining the stress factor, Tavukçuoğlu said, “Various types of stress, especially emotional stress, are known to cause obesity. It has been reported that emotional stress causes depression, and weight gain has been observed in a significant portion of these depression patients.

A quarter of us have fatty liver

Saying that many chronic diseases are seen more frequently with weight gain, Tavukçuoğlu said, “Diseases such as insulin resistance, Type 2 Diabetes (Diabetes), high blood pressure (hypertension), heart diseases, gall bladder diseases, osteoarthritis, fatty liver, asthma and sleep apnea are the main ones. reasons. Today, the risk of catching various diseases increases due to the consumption of harmful products and decreased physical activity. Today, fatty liver can be seen in one quarter of the people in Turkey.

How many kg should the correct weight loss rate be in 1 month?

According to the World Health Organization; Saying that 0,5-1 kg of weight loss per week is the healthiest way, Tavukçuoğlu said, “This is equal to 2 to 4 kg of yield per month. The most important aspect of losing weight is the loss of fat in our body. Losing weight in a short time and quickly causes water and muscle loss instead of fat loss. A sustainable and healthy diet plan that you follow throughout your life is much more important than losing weight fast. A correct weight loss process creates 80% fat loss in the body and 20% muscle loss, while weight lost quickly and unhealthy creates 50% fat loss in the body and 50% muscle loss. In general, this type of nutrition should be tailored to you, according to your lifestyle and social activities. So it should be personal. In this case, the body shape can be maintained, continuity can be ensured, weight loss can be achieved correctly and a healthier lifestyle is possible.

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