Description of Escalator and Elevator from Metro Istanbul

Explanation of Yuruyen Stairs and Elevator from Metro Istanbul
The description of Escalators and Elevators from Metro Istanbul

Metro Istanbul is the company with the largest equipment park in Turkey with 1491 escalators, 467 elevators and 58 moving walks. The availability of the equipment in our company's operation is constantly monitored, and our equipment has provided service with an average of 3% availability in the last 99,42 months. This average is a record in the 34-year history of Metro Istanbul, while at the same time, it is far above the average of 44%, which is the average of Comet, the international metro companies benchmarking organization of which 98,20 of the world's largest metros are members.

The claim that some escalators and/or elevators were closed due to savings:

Metro investments are investments that are planned for a long time, and they are planned and built according to the capacity that will be needed in the coming years, not according to the capacity planning at the time of construction. In our M2000 Yenikapı-Hacıosman Metro Line, which was opened in stages in 2 and later, some entrances and exits have been kept closed since the opening date as they are surplus to needs. As in this example, in accordance with our principle of using public resources efficiently, the number of passengers in the areas where the equipment is located is not put into operation before reaching a certain intensity of use. Equipment claimed to be closed due to savings is equipment that has been closed since the day it was opened to be used in case of need.

There are entrances on our lines that are not allowed to be opened by the security forces for security reasons since the day they opened, and there are escalators and elevators at these entrances.

In summary; As of the first day of opening in stages in all our lines, some entrances and passages are kept closed as they are surplus to requirements. All of these are equipment that do not prevent passenger comfort and have alternatives in the immediate vicinity, and for this reason, the decision to keep them closed in previous years is still in effect.

All equipment status information is shared with the public instantly on our website in accordance with our transparency principle.

As of now, of our 1491 escalators;

• 10 of them are in maintenance.

• 9 of them are in revision work.

• 4 of them were closed for security reasons with a safety decision.

• Our 116 escalators have been put into closed mode since the opening of the line, due to surplus needs.

Of our 467 elevators;

• 2 of them are in maintenance.

• 4 revision studies are being carried out.

• Our 3 elevators have been closed since 2013 due to surplus.

of our 58 marching bands;

•    4 of them are in the closed area and are put into use due to the need on match days. Our 54 bands are actively serving.

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