Colorful Images at the World Dog Surfing Championships

Colorful Images Have Been Experienced at the World Dog Surf Championship
Colorful Images at the World Dog Surfing Championships

The World Dog Surfing Championship, attended by hundreds of dog and animal lovers in California, USA, witnessed entertaining images.

The World Dog Surfing Championship was held at Pacifica state beach in California, USA. The event, where many dogs and animal lovers came together, created colorful images. The dogs were divided into three groups as small, small and medium, and large and very large breeds. In the competition, a separate category was created in which dogs compete both individually and with their owners.

Jeffrey Niebor's 2-year-old Labrador dog Charlie, who started surfing when he was 7 years old, finished second in the big and large breed dog category. Stating that his dog loves surfing and cannot express this passion with words, Niebor said, “He is having a good time. We go to the beach and have fun. Charlie then takes his surfboard to the water and barks at the waves. People love him,” she said.

James Wall, owner of Faith, who is the #1 winner in the same category and also served as a rescue dog for 10 years, said: “As a puppy, he was afraid of a lot of things. We started going to the beach. He jumped on one of the surfboards and I really liked it. I said we can try, and we have been continuing since then.”

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