Bursa's Centennial Plane Trees Are Safe With 'Pine Tree Doctors'

Bursa's Centennial Cinarlar 'Safe with Cinar Physicians
Bursa's Centennial Plane Trees Are Safe With 'Pine Tree Doctors'

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality carries the centuries-old plane trees, one of the symbols of the ancient Ottoman civilization, to the future with periodical maintenance and restorations with the team of 'Sycamore Doctors'.

In order to bring Bursa's green identity to the fore again, large-scale qualified new green areas are added to the city. kazanBursa Metropolitan Municipality gives special importance to the care of plane trees, which are the most important witnesses of the ancient history of the city, which are the good news of the transition of the Ottoman Empire from a dream to a world state. Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa Technical University and Agriculture and Landscape Inc. In cooperation with the city, it regularly takes care of the monumental trees, which are between 100 and 600 years old, which surround the city. While the team specializing in the care of sycamore trees was transformed into a special unit under the name of 'Çınar Physicians', Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş examined the maintenance works of the 432-year-old 'Yağcılar Çınarı' in Kültürpark on site. Bursa Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. During the visit, which also included Arif Karademir, President Aktaş received information about the works from the experts who carried out the maintenance.

Sycamore Physicians

Stating that they attach great importance to preserving the plane trees and leaving them as a legacy for the future, President Aktaş said that they care for the trees with the finesse of lacework. Expressing that Bursa carved an Ottoman city and that the word Ottoman means plane tree, Mayor Aktaş said, “We have around 1240 monumental trees in Bursa, especially plane trees. Trees with a lifespan of 100 to 600 years. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have signed a very good project with Bursa Technical University. Our memorial trees are the witnesses of Bursa's history. It is of great importance for us to preserve our memorial trees and leave them as a legacy for the future. While in our different cities they are eliminated by cutting, let alone treating, rehabilitating them, we are handling them one by one with the finesse of lacework. Agriculture and Landscape Inc. We act quickly to identify and solve the problems of our monumental trees. As the ornament of our city, we carry out the periodical maintenance and restoration works of our century-old plane trees, which surround the city, in cooperation with our expert team and Bursa Technical University. We named our team of experts, who work day and night for our memorial trees with the courtesy and grace of a doctor in their white coats, and we got the patent for this name.”

“The debt of our neck”

Explaining the care and treatment applied to the memorial trees, President Aktaş said, “After the decay, fungus, drying, insect damage and diseased tissues on the trunk surface of our trees are removed from the surface, they reach the healthy tissue and repair and maintenance processes are carried out. We make improvements regarding the feeding area of ​​the tree, so that adequate nutrition is provided and water is delivered to the root structure. We provide mechanical support to tree branches so that thick branches do not break. We are trying to ensure that the plane trees live longer by cleaning the sycamores from bacteria that cause decay and by protecting the cleaned area. It is really our duty to keep these plane trees alive,” he said.

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