Response to the Claims of 'Talas Tram Line Collapsed' from Kayseri Metropolitan!

Response to Claims That Talas Tram Line From Kayseri Metropolitan
Response to the Claims of 'Talas Tram Line Collapsed' from Kayseri Metropolitan!

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality responded to Kazım Yücel's claim that a collapse occurred on the Talas Tram Line.

In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, the following statements were included, emphasizing that the allegations were untrue: It has become necessary to make a statement on the unrealistic claims in some press and publication organs regarding the new tram line works.

The news and content titled "Talas Tram Line Crashed Again", which is reflected in the public and the press, and includes the statements of a person as a Member of the Assembly of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, is completely untrue.

Many projects that will make the transportation system of the city modern, comfortable and safe are being implemented one by one by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. In this context, the feverish work on the new tram lines, which will expand and develop the rail system network and provide alternative and comfortable transportation opportunities to the important points of the city, continues without any problems.

Within the scope of "Kayseri Rail System 5th Stage Talas Mevlana-Furkan Doğan Tram Line Construction Work", the existing T2 Line (Meydan-Talas Cemil Baba) and the tram line between Talas Mevlana and Furkan Doğan, which is under construction, intersect at the Furkan Doğan junction area.

In order to integrate the mentioned lines, the T2 line was temporarily closed to operation on 28.07.2022 and works were started within the framework of a certain program, and the work has just been closed and the work is on the 14th day. It is planned to be completed on 45, 12.09.2022 days after the start date.

As claimed, there is no collapse of the existing line, and the aforementioned works are carried out for the integration of the 5th Stage Anayurt Tram Line, which is under construction, and the existing line with each other.

As we have already announced to the public, these works are not due to any problems or malfunctions, but due to the planned projects for the expansion and development of transportation in the city.

According to the tender projects, the rail system, which will cross the existing line vertically, will be continued on Hulusi Akar Boulevard for approximately 300 meters by manufacturing rail junctions. In addition, the 5th Stage Anayurt Tram Line will be integrated into the existing tram line by making a double-track crossover element (cruise) towards İpeksaray as a double line.

Thus, the tram services coming from the Motherland region will be connected to the existing tram line and go up to Kayseri Cumhuriyet Square, and the integrity of the tram lines will be ensured. In the subject matter, the works continue within the scope of the tender in accordance with the tender documents, projects and specifications of the work.

On the other hand, while the claims that citizens have difficulties in transportation in the area where the tram line is built are completely unfounded, our bus line No. 24, which is parallel to our T2 line, which has not been able to serve since 19 July due to the integration of our newly opened lines to the existing lines, provides uninterrupted service to our citizens.

Nevertheless, we condemn Kazım Yücel's inaccurate, political and purposeful approach as a Member of Parliament and his efforts to discredit this important project in the field of transportation in public.

In addition, the fact that the newspaper in question puts the allegations in its headline with the headline "Talas Tram Line Crashed Again" without questioning the accuracy of the statements that have no real basis and every sentence of which contains slander is incompatible with any principle of journalism and is the result of an understanding that serves to create a false and biased perception.

We ask our citizens not to give credence to such manipulative news, and once again leave the opposition's untrue and unfounded claims to the conscience and discretion of the public.

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