Uşak Ortaköy Village Life Center was put into service

Usak Ortakoy Bay Life Center was put into service
Uşak Ortaköy Village Life Center was put into service

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer attended the ceremony held for the opening of the village life center in Ortaköy, Uşak. Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer started his speech by mentioning the education investments made in the last twenty years. He emphasized that while building a huge education system in twenty years, millions of students were added to the number of students, the number of students per teacher and classroom decreased, and massification was done with a focus on quality.

Minister Özer stated that they started the preparations for the new academic year as soon as the schools were on vacation and reminded that they continued their summer schools in the fields of science, art, mathematics and English with 1 million students during the summer term.

“Let's drop the donation event from Turkey's agenda now”

Emphasizing that they will increase equality of opportunity in education, Özer said: “We will mobilize all kinds of opportunities so that all our children receive education equally regardless of the province and region they live in. That's what we're striving for. After the schools were closed on June 17, we did not take a break even for a day as the Ministry of National Education. We are on the field with all our colleagues. This summer we made a different application for the first time. We opened free summer schools for the first time in order not to leave our children alone, especially to compensate for the learning losses and deficiencies in psychosocial development during the Kovid process. At the same time, we are mobilizing to meet all the needs of our schools, from cleaning to stationery, from minor repairs to equipment, and that's why we said let's drop this donation thing from Turkey's education agenda. We started the preparations for the 2022-2023 academic year very early and met all the needs of our schools in order to eliminate the perception that the Ministry of National Education cannot meet the needs of the schools and forces parents to donate. We will continue to receive. Could a government that has invested so much in education in the last ten years be incapable of meeting the needs of the schools of the Ministry of National Education? Therefore, our request from you, our esteemed parents, is to warn both our directorate of national education, our governorship and our ministry when such a situation occurs.”

All textbooks to be used in the 2022-2023 academic year were sent to the provinces.

Minister of National Education Özer shared another information about the point reached in preparations for the new education year from Uşak. Explaining that all the textbooks to be delivered to the students in the 2022-2023 academic year were sent to the provinces, Özer continued as follows: “This year, we are making another innovation as announced by our President. In the 2022-2023 academic year, we will not only distribute textbooks free of charge, but also distribute all auxiliary resources free of charge. As of today, the printing of auxiliary resources has also ended and passengers are started to be sent to our provinces. The 2022-2023 academic year will be much more comfortable, much more comfortable for all our students and all our parents.”

Village life center will be the meeting center of villages

Explaining that after the migration process from villages to cities all over the world, a movement has started from cities to small settlements, Minister Özer stated that agriculture and animal husbandry have turned into a strategic issue as much as energy, with the problems experienced in the food supply chain.

Noting that the village life centers were implemented by taking these two developments into account, Özer said: “As the first step, we removed the student number barrier for the opening of village primary schools and changed the regulation. We will now be able to open our primary schools in the desired village. We took a second step. We have reduced the number of students from 10 to 5 for opening a kindergarten in villages. Only this second step allows nearly 1.800 thousand children to meet with kindergartens and nursery classes in our 20 villages. If there is no possibility to use it as a primary school and kindergarten, we aim to open public education centers in village life centers. In this region, we have brought the opportunity for our citizens living in this village to take courses in the area they want through the public education center. We will be at the service of all our citizens with over 3 courses in agriculture, animal husbandry, personal development, vocational training, and all kinds of courses.”

Stating that they will bring together the youngest children and the elderly in the villages in the same place for education purposes, Özer said, “This village life center will be the meeting center of the village.” said.

Stating that a place has been created where children meet with experienced people while receiving education and cultural transfer is made, Minister Özer emphasized that the village life center will be a lifelong education center.

Expressing that when the 2022-2023 academic year starts, 1000 village life centers will be activated all over Turkey, Özer thanked everyone who contributed to the center that was opened. Minister Mahmut Özer wished the Ortaköy Village Life Center to be beneficial.

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