Traffic Rules Taught To 6 Thousand Children In 160 Months

Traffic Rules Taught A Thousand Children A Month
Traffic Rules Taught To 6 Thousand Children In 160 Months

Traffic awareness was instilled in more than 66 thousand children in 124 children's traffic training parks established in 254 provinces by the Ministry of Interior. Since 2020, 254 children have received training in the theoretical and practical models in the children's traffic training parks, accompanied by educational personnel. In traffic training parks specially prepared for children, many traffic rules are taught, from using seat belts to crossing the street and safe following distance.

Traffic Awareness is Inculcated with Children's Education Parks

With the "Child Traffic Education Parks" project, which was implemented with the cooperation of our Ministry and the Ministry of National Education in order to raise traffic awareness in childhood, it is provided to the children in the 04-12 age group to explain the traffic rules in practice and theoretically.

Traffic Rules Taught To 6 Thousand Children In 160 Months

Within the scope of the project, 66 children's traffic education parks in 124 provinces have been completed and put into operation so far. In the children's traffic education parks, 2020 thousand 40 children were trained in 668 and 2021 thousand 7 children in 54 with an increase of 258 percent. In the first 6 months of this year, 159 thousand 858 children received theoretical and practical training in traffic education parks.

Children's Traffic Education Parks are Extended across the Country

Efforts are also underway to expand the traffic education parks, where the traffic rules are explained practically and theoretically, throughout the country.

It is planned to add 12 more children's traffic training parks, which started operating in Bursa, Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa this year, by the end of the year. In 2022, the projects of children's traffic education parks, which are planned to be put into operation in the provinces of Ağrı, Bingöl, Batman, Bitlis, Edirne, Elazığ, Hakkari, Iğdır, Kahramanmaraş, Kayseri, Osmaniye and Samsun, continue.

Basic Traffic Rules Taught

In applications in educational parks specially prepared for children; Crossing at school and pedestrian crossings with traffic lights, crossing the road at school and pedestrian crossings without traffic lights, use of overpasses, underpasses and pedestrian roads during the day and night, seat belts in vehicles, use of sound and light signs, maneuvering rules at intersections, parking Pedestrian and driver model trainings are provided under the guidance of trainers on main topics such as parking rules and the importance of safe following distance.

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