Restored 'Museum of Barbarism' in TRNC Opened to Visit Again

The Museum of Barbarism Restored in the TRNC Opened for a Revisit
Restored 'Museum of Barbarism' in TRNC Opened to Visit Again

The Museum of Barbarism in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), whose restoration was completed by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), is open to visitors again.

The opening ceremony of the Museum of Barbarism in Nicosia, the capital city, was held after the restoration. Nuri Ersoy, Turkey's Ambassador to Nicosia Ali Murat Başçeri, TIKA President Serkan Kayalar, Major Nihat İlhan's son Mustafa Necmi İlhan and his family and representatives of other institutions and organizations attended.

The Museum of Barbarism Restored in the TRNC Opened for a Revisit

Minister Ersoy, who started his speech by commemorating those who were martyred during the "Bloody Christmas", one of the most brutal massacres in human history, and all the martyrs, said that it was not an easy situation for anyone to talk about this incident.

Stating that they feel the pain of this massacre in their hearts even though it has been 59 years, Minister Ersoy said:

“This is such a pain that I don't think we'll ever forget it for a moment in our lifetime. Yes, we will not forget. We will not forget that Greek gangs brutally murdered the wife and three children of Major Nihat İlhan, who, as a health officer, worked as a doctor in the Turkish Regiment in Cyprus, whose only concern is to keep people alive.”

We will continue to tell the world about this cruel event on every platform

Emphasizing that they will continue to tell the whole world about this brutal incident that took place in 1963, under all circumstances and on every platform, Minister Ersoy said, “How women, children, elderly people were killed by Greek terrorist organizations and buried in mass graves, children were shot, and exposed to the most barbaric attacks. We will tell everyone. This is one of our greatest responsibilities towards our martyrs and our history.” said.

Pointing out that the Cyprus case is a national cause with a great place in his heart, conscience and history, Minister Ersoy said that the heroic epic written in 1974 is the cause of a great nation.

Minister Ersoy stated that they will continue to work day and night for the peace, security and position of the Turkish Cypriots in the world. However, they could not think that our state was too big and that it would not both forget and make them forget what happened. Thankfully, our nation is such a nation that it neither forgets a single martyr nor covets a single inch of its land. This nation neither forgets Fatih, nor does it forget Mustafa Kemal, nor does it forget Murat İlhan, Kutsi İlhan, Hakan İlhan. At the point reached today, the whole world sees that we have not forgotten these names.” used the phrase.

We Completed the Restoration True to the Original

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that the opening of the Museum of Barbarism is an important step in not forgetting what happened and explaining it to the world public. Stating that some problems arose in the museum with the effect of the climatic and urban cycle in the process, Minister Ersoy said that in this context, as the Ministry, they decided to carry out the restoration of the Museum of Barbarism with the help of TIKA, which carried out very successful works in the TRNC.

Minister Ersoy said:

“We completed the restoration, electrical, mechanical, exhibition and landscaping works of the museum that we started last year, combining modern and traditional museology, in accordance with the original. Within the framework of the understanding of contemporary museology, digital opportunities were developed in order to fully understand what happened. In the Memory Pool, information and visual documents related to the citizens who were martyred in Cyprus and who are on the missing list from the archives are provided and processed, in addition, information such as the life stories of the citizens, photographs or official documents, where they were martyred and the date of their martyrdom, if available. ”

Mentioning that the opening of the TIKA Nicosia Program Coordination Office in order to ensure institutionalization and more effective coordination of activities by conducting local activities, Minister Ersoy stated that they will continue to carry out many works aimed at developing tourism, increasing employment, strengthening the economy, and cultural and artistic cooperation.

After the speeches, the guests toured the museum, which was opened.

The Documentary on the Scorer's Front Premiered

In the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), the documentary “To the Front That Strikes a Goal”, which tells the stories of resistance and struggle of the Turkish Cypriots through football clubs between 1955 and 1974, was premiered with the contributions of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

In his speech at the gala, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that the documentary about football and clubs in the struggle for existence of Turkish Cypriots is of great importance in terms of telling the Cyprus case to new generations. Congratulating TİKA and everyone who contributed to the preparation of the documentary "Scoring Front," Minister Ersoy said:

“To be with the Turkish Cypriots today also requires knowing the past correctly. It is important for our present and our future not to forget what happened yesterday, to carry it to the present, and to have a strong memory of the Cyprus case. Turkish Cypriots have faced great difficulties in the past. It has been subjected to oppression and terrorist attacks, in which human dignity is trampled underfoot. Their homes were set on fire. He gave his life for his country when necessary, but he never compromised his freedom and independent stance.”

Minister Ersoy pointed out that they will always keep the story of those who contributed to this great cause alive in order to maintain the strong ties between yesterday and today, and between today and the future, and said, “The pioneering names who instill courage in the society in difficult times with their upright stance, determined and determined struggles are in Cyprus and Turkey. and we will continue to tell in various geographies of the world.” he said.

Mentioning that many legendary football players of the period were interviewed within the scope of the documentary, Minister Ersoy said that they recently lost Ahmet Sakallı and Mazlum Mercan, who were interviewed in this process, and wished them mercy and patience for their relatives.

Minister Ersoy emphasized that the testimonies of people who have information about the period from clubs such as Küçük Kaymaklı, Çetinkaya Spor, Famagusta Türk Power and Lefke in the TRNC were used, and said that it was aimed to show the documentary "Scoring Front" in the international arena as well.

The documentary featured the stories of the difficult years that the iconic figures who left their mark on Turkish Cypriot football and the struggle years lived in 1955-1974.

After the screening of the documentary, the protocol, guests and contributors to the film posed for a photo.

Minister Ersoy's Contacts with TRNC

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy visited President Ersin Tatar and President of the Assembly of the Republic, Zorlu Töre, within the framework of his contacts with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Minister Ersoy also met with TRNC Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu.

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