Constant Hunger May Actually Hide Some Diseases

The Constant Feeling of Hunger May Actually Hide Some Diseases
Constant Hunger May Actually Hide Some Diseases

Specialist from Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital. dit. Buket Ertaş Sefer pointed out that there may be different reasons behind the feeling of constant hunger and this should be investigated very well.

When we look at the world in general, Uzm. Pointing out that diabetes-related problems may lie behind the feeling of constant hunger, which is seen in a large part of the society and whose acceleration is increasing. dit. Buket Ertaş Sefer, “In cases such as insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, if the person is not aware of the fact that he is sick or does not use his drugs regularly, the mechanisms of fasting and satiety may not be regulated. In this case, there may be a constant feeling of hunger. For this reason, it is beneficial for people who constantly feel hunger to apply to an endocrinology specialist, even if they do not have a diagnosed problem.

Explaining that people who want to lose weight or who want to achieve weight control may experience hunger due to not taking enough calories, Dr. dit. Sefer gave the following information on the subject:

“In this case, when you say to be careful, you may not be feeding yourself enough, your cells. When you can't create the right menu, you may naturally be faced with the desire to eat more often. Therefore, it is important to take the right food and the right amount at the right time when you are dieting. Otherwise, you may not only experience constant hunger, but also encounter different health problems due to malnutrition.

Studies show that insufficient water consumption affects the hunger mechanism. Although drinking water is as important a need as eating, it is always neglected. Moreover, sometimes the main need is water when there is a feeling of hunger. For this reason, when the feeling of hunger comes, it is necessary to try to drink water first. In addition, it is necessary to take care to consume enough water during the day," he said.

In case of hyperthyroidism, i.e. overworking of thyroid hormones, the person's metabolic rate increases and energy needs increase, so he/she may often experience a feeling of hunger. For this reason, those who have complaints such as palpitations, weight loss, high blood pressure, swollen thyroid gland should consult an endocrinologist as soon as possible.

Reminding that preventing the sudden rise of blood sugar also means preventing its sudden fall, Dyt said. Ertaş said that hunger can be kept under control when blood sugar can be kept in balance. Explaining that the presence of fibrous foods in meals will be of great benefit in achieving this, Dyt. Buket Ertaş continued her words as follows:

“Preferring pulpy foods will prolong the time the stomach remains full and suppress the desire to eat quickly. Vegetables, whole grain products, and legumes are some of the high-fiber foods. Neglecting vegetables, especially, can cause hunger quickly.”

Pointing out that not taking enough foods with high protein content, which meets the long-term satiety goal as well as their nutritional properties, is one of the factors that can create a constant feeling of hunger. dit. Buket Ertaş Sefer concluded her words as follows:

“Proteins are the last to be digested among the food groups. Since they do not affect blood sugar as much as carbohydrates, they do not create an insulin imbalance. Vegetable proteins such as eggs, lean red meat, cheese, yoghurt, fish, white meat, legumes are important protein sources that must be included in our weekly menu planning. Therefore, if you are constantly feeling hungry, one of the factors you can look at is whether there is enough protein in your daily diet.

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