Asbestos Ship Departing for Dismantling in Aliağa Discussed

Asbestos Ship Departing for Aliagada Insertion Was Discussed
Asbestos Ship Departing for Dismantling in Aliağa Discussed

Nae Sao Paulo, the giant aircraft carrier with asbestos, which set out to be dismantled in Aliağa, was discussed at the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council. Making statements on the subject, President Soyer listed his doubts about the ship one by one and said, "The main thing is that a president protects the city where a member of parliament lives."

The first session of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council in August was held at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center (AASSM). In the assembly chaired by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, concerns were expressed about the dismantling of the Brazilian aircraft carrier Nae Sao Paulo in Aliağa. President Tunç Soyer also announced that he will introduce the major organizations of the next three months at the assembly to be held in the Ancient City of Smyrna on Wednesday, August 10th. Soyer said, “September, October and November will be very busy. There are many events, there are organizations. I want to give you information about all of them," he said.

Politics is about doubt and curiosity

Upon the words of MHP council member Hakan Şimşek about the ship with asbestos, President Tunç Soyer listed his doubts about the ship one by one. President Soyer said: “Hakan Bey said, 'I fully agree with what our government representative said, our minister, I think it is true'. They say it's against their nature; If that were the case, there was no need for an election or a change of government. In Sittin year, governments would continue, municipalities would continue. We believed until the end. This is not true, nor is it possible. Politics is about doubt and curiosity. You doubt what a manager says. You look to see if you have any evidence to believe. But you may not believe. As an individual, you accept from the outset that not everything a government official says will be true. You do politics not by thinking about the possibility of being right from the beginning, but by thinking about the possibility of being wrong.”

"These are not our father's property"

Stating that there are 22 companies doing this job in Aliağa, President Soyer said, “Unfortunately, only 8 of them have the European Union conformity certificate. This made me suspicious about the dismantling there. That was my first doubt. The second is the figures for the twin ship Clemence: 760 tons. The twin ship is manufactured from the same machine. Therefore, the probability of 9 tons of asbestos on such a ship is almost non-existent. Third, the Norwegian company was mentioned. In that report, it is stated that 12 percent of the ship was examined. Therefore, an assessment based on 12 percent should not make you say, 'There is nothing dangerous in this'… Being a country, being a city, which is treated as a third world country like India or Bangladesh, hurts me. All this makes me doubt. I listened to the company's officials because I'm skeptical. If I'm going to oppose something, I need to know why. That's reason enough for me to be skeptical. Aliağa council members, Aliağa Municipality should be mobilized the most. If you do not take care of Aliağa, no matter what you spend, then it is thought that you are 'pretending'. The main thing is that a president protects the city where the council member lives. These are not our father's property. We all have limited tenure. We are talking about a city that is 8 years old. We must not allow this, we must protect it. It is our primary duty to pass on the legacy we have received to those who come after us. It is our primary duty to protect the tree, river and sea of ​​this city. After that, we will continue to do our best as long as we can.”

we do not leave unattended

CHP Group Deputy Chairman Murat Aydın, who took the floor in the speeches section of the meeting, said the following about Nae Sao Paulo: “They want to dismantle this ship here. İzmir's air, water and land belong to all of us. Everyone who loves their country and city should show sensitivity to this issue. Even if he does not oppose, he should try to understand what is happening and take a stand against the danger for the city. The nature, air, water of Izmir kazanWe cannot leave it unattended. Protecting the health and environment of the people of Izmir is the most fundamental duty of this assembly.”

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