Private Beach for 500 People Started to Host Istanbulites

Private Beach Started to Host Istanbulites
Private Beach for 500 People Started to Host Istanbulites

It is possible to swim, lie on a sun lounger and sunbathe without leaving Istanbul. All just a boat ride away. The 500-person private beach operated by Beltur in Büyükada has started to host Istanbulites for a day. Boats departing from Bostancı and Kartal directly to the beach return at the end of the day.

Istanbul, a city with a sea in the middle, now has a private beach. Beltur, which carried the standard of holiday destinations to Büyükada, rented the idle business and opened it to the use of the public. The price of the beach, which will provide high quality service to Istanbulites between 09.00-19.00 until the end of summer, is also affordable. The beach, which costs 95 TL per person on weekdays and 120 TL on weekends, can be used free of charge by children aged 0-7, and with a 7% discount for children aged 12-50. The fee includes transportation, sunbeds and umbrellas. Beltur cafe, which is also on the beach, serves those who come to the beach until 23.30 at the prices of its other establishments. Those who live in the Islands and have Adakart can benefit from the same services with a 20% discount.


Beltur General Manager Cenk Akın, who said that they are not content with just the beach and the cafe, said that they are working to leave a permanent work on Istanbul and said, “With our 5 acres of recreation area, a new living space will be created on the island. kazanwe are calling. In addition, we bring together the fascinating view of Istanbul with the delightful view of Istanbul at the Beltur Cafe, which is established on an area of ​​200 square meters. In 2023, Beltur Büyükada Hotel with 56 rooms will be put into service. Beltur Restaurant will take place in our hotel with its unique flavors that change every season. Our hotel, with its own beach outside Beltur Beach, and a pool other than its pier, will also provide services to Istanbulites, and will offer the opportunity to have a holiday without getting away from the city.”


The venue, which belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, was previously operated by Kartal Municipality. Beltur leased the area from the ministry for 20 years. The pier, which was about to rot due to neglect, was renovated. A platform was created where 350 people can swim at the same time, lie on the sun lounger and sunbathe. The cafe was renovated in Beltur quality and started to serve. Hotel construction continues.


In addition to Beltur, some subsidiary companies of İBB also supported the works for the realization of the beach in Büyükada.

– My waist: He established the Istanbulkart transaction infrastructure with the turnstile system.

– Bimtaş: Provided project design service.

– Boğaziçi Management: It provided the WC cabin needs to be used in the region.

– IETT: “Monastery Road” will change its name to “Beltur Stop” and move the stop to the facility entrance. It will also increase transportation services in the direction of the facility.

– Isbak: He established the electronic infrastructure and Wi-Fi system with the guidance of the Electronic Systems Department.

– Isper: He carried out the spraying studies of the region with his teams.

– Istach: He carried out beach and sea cleaning with the coastal cleaning team.

– Department of Parks, Gardens and Green Areas: He carried out the cleaning of the recreation area and Beltur Cafe area by mowing the grass and pruning the trees.

– City Lines: Sea Taxi users will have direct access to Beltur Beach pier.

– KIPTAS: He assumed the task of project controller.

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