New Cyber ​​Report from STM: 'Smartphones Can Be Cyber ​​Attacked When Turned Off'

New Cyber ​​Report From STM Smartphones Can Be Cyber ​​Attacked Even When Off
New Cyber ​​Report From STM 'Smartphones Can Be Cyber ​​Attacked When Turned Off'

STM ThinkTech, covering the second quarter of this year Cyber ​​Threat Status Reportannounced that. Emphasizing that cyber attacks on smartphones have increased recently, it was noted that iPhone devices can be exposed to cyber attacks even when they are turned off.

STM's Technological Thinking Center “ThinkTech”, which has signed important projects and domestic products in the field of cyber security in Turkey, has announced its new Cyber ​​Threat Status Report covering April-June 2022. The report, which covers the second quarter of 2022, has 8 topics.

A closed IOS device can be cyberattacked

Smart phones; It contains many personal data such as e-mail, social media, bank accounts and address information. While cyber attacks on phones have come to the fore recently, attackers resort to many different methods to seize personal data. In attacks made over the phone, attempts are made to capture data via links in social media messages or to access data quickly through phishing attacks via e-mail.

In the report, which focused on a research on iPhone phones in Germany, it was emphasized that important systems continue to be active even when the device is turned off. In the report, which stated that the active applications with the location feature on the phones bring some negative situations, “For example, a Bluetooth chip that is executed when iOS devices are turned off may allow malware to be installed. LPM (Low Power Mode) is functional when iOS devices are turned off. Even if an iOS device is turned off, the 'Find my iPhone' app is active when lost. Researchers say that 'Find my iPhone' is like an active tracking device, which poses a danger.

It is possible to prevent a cyber attack before it happens!

The period subject of the report was the importance of cyber threat intelligence. Cyber ​​threat intelligence enables the proactive identification of threats and the development of defense mechanisms against them by combining, correlating, interpreting and analyzing the collected data about possible cyber security threats. The increase in the use of the Internet causes the increase of threat actors and the traces they leave. For this reason, analysis of threat intelligence data is becoming increasingly difficult. The report focuses on OpenCTI, one of the open source cyber threat intelligence platforms, drawing attention to the increasing need for automated programs. Thanks to the intelligence information obtained, it is emphasized that OpenCTI and similar platforms should be established in order to prevent cyber attacks before they occur.

Most cyber attacks are from India and USA

Data by STM's own Honeypot sensors; It also revealed the countries where the most cyber attacks were collected. During the months of April, May and June of 2022, a total of 8 million 65 thousand 301 attacks were reflected on STM's Honeypot sensors. The country with the most attacks was India with 1 million 629 thousand attacks, while the USA ranked second with 897 thousand attacks. These countries are respectively; Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan and Brazil followed. In the report, which stated that there was a large increase in the amount of incoming attacks compared to the previous three months, it was pointed out that this was caused by the increased activities of the constant threat actors together with the Russia-Ukraine war.

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