Is Singer Hilal Cebeci Sick? Who is Hilal Cebeci?

Is Sarkici Hilal Cebeci Sick? Who is Hilal Cebeci?
Is Singer Hilal Cebeci Sick Who is Hilal Cebeci?

Singer Hilal Cebeci was diagnosed with breast cancer. Making a statement on his Instagram account, Cebeci said, "Cancerous cells were detected in my right breast, do not be afraid, I am very well."

The singer also said that she announced her illness to raise awareness.

Hilal Cebeci, 46, made the following statements in her statement:

“Cancerous cell was detected in my right breast, don't be afraid, I'm very good, you always want to share, but I'm a little busy, we caught it at the very beginning, I will have surgery, it will pass, don't worry.

Please do not neglect your breast checks so that you can catch them at the beginning and lead a healthy life, I love you all very much. Everything is great, it came out just when I was trying to get back to the music, but okay, I will give you a nice song again.

You should have regular checkups like me. I know you will be upset, I wasn't going to share it, but my doctor suggested that people like me who can speak to many people raise awareness.”

Who is Hilal Cebeci?

Hilal Cebeci (born July 3, 1976, Istanbul) is an Arabesque Music, Fantasy Music and Turkish Pop Music voice artist, TV series actress, film actress and television presenter.

He is known for the pop songs he sang in the 2000s. At the same time, the "Best Breakthrough Female Artist" award at the 1999th Kral TV Video Music Awards in 6, with the success brought by Köylü Güzeli, which is both her debut song and the name of her album. kazanIs Her.

He was born on July 4, 1976 in Istanbul. Hilal Cebeci made her first vocal experience in 1993 by working with important names of Turkish Pop Music such as Eyyüp Bayram, Sinan Erkoç and Uğur Sönmezsoy. On these dates, he shot clips for popular songs of the period, like many singers, to be broadcast on music programs on private television channels and appeared in front of the audience for the first time on television. He sang songs such as "My Hands Are Empty" and "What Will I Do to You" and left his mark on those years. He continued his career by making chapters in the restaurants of Istanbul's famous hotels with a fasil group he founded. Hilal Cebeci, who graduated from Hamza Paşa Girls' Vocational High School in 1994, where she continued her education, took the stage in various nightclubs of Istanbul, such as "Çubuklu Hayal Kahvesi and Fayto Bar", during 1994-1998.

Hilal Cebeci, in her Instagram account in 2019, announced that she has left the stage since 2014, but that she will continue to produce, and that she has left her active art life.

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