International Istanbul Open Chess Tournament Started in Fatih

International Istanbul Open Chess Tournament Started in Fatih
International Istanbul Open Chess Tournament Started in Fatih

The International Istanbul Open Chess Tournament, hosted by Fatih Municipality and organized in cooperation with the Turkish Chess Federation, started with the participation of 22 title holders, more than 45 foreigners and more than 65 athletes from 1000 countries.

Within the scope of the International Istanbul Open Chess Tournament held at Atatürk Çağdaş Yaşam Sports Hall, the tournament, which will fight for victory with competitive races until 14 August, started with the opening program attended by Fatih Mayor Mehmet Ergün Turan.

The tournament, which broke a record with the participation of 22 title holders from 45 countries, more than 65 foreigners and more than 1000 athletes; It also has the feature of being the tournament with the highest participation among the international chess tournaments held in our country. kazanwas. It was announced that the tournament, in which the players will sweat in the contested races, will end on August 14 and that the winners will be awarded up to 100 thousand liras.

President Turan: “The tournament is taking place this year with record participation”

President Turan, who started his speech by expressing his happiness to be a part of this beautiful event as a person who wholeheartedly believes in the function of sports in peace and brotherhood, healing and developing people, said: “Our tournament is taking place this year with a record number of participants. We host around 21 athletes from 1000 countries in Fatih. Among our participants are important chess masters who have achieved great success around the world. It is a pleasing and proud development that the interest in chess has increased in recent years in our country, especially among our youth, and that they have achieved significant success in international tournaments as teams.” used the phrase.

“We care about the healthy development of our youth”

Mayor Turan stated that as Fatih Municipality, they care about the development of young people and their physical, spiritual and mental health. “Many fully equipped sports centers in our district in three years. kazanwe nagged. As Fatih Municipality, we consider increasing the welfare of our youth and enriching their education and socialization opportunities among our primary goals in our municipal activities. We will do whatever we can to ensure that our young people grow up healthy, confident, happy, full of faith and love for humanity. We will support sports and athletes," he said.

After his speech, President Mehmet Ergün Turan met with the contestants participating in the tournament separately and wished them all success.

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