International Award for Izmir's Crisis Municipality

International Award for Izmir's Crisis Municipality
International Award for Izmir's Crisis Municipality

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's “Crisis Municipality” application was deemed worthy of an international award for keeping the cultural and artistic life in the city alive during the pandemic. İzmir received the International UCLG Award-Culture 100 Honorable Mention Award, to which more than 21 world cities applied.

The “Crisis Municipalism” practices implemented by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer during the pandemic period were crowned with an award in the international arena. Despite the restrictive conditions of the pandemic, the efforts of the Metropolitan Municipality to keep culture and art alive in the city brought the International United Cities and Local Governments World Organization (UCLG) Culture 21 Honorable Mention Award.

Soyer: “Solidarity culture set an example to the world”

President Tunç Soyer stated that they will continue to keep culture and arts alive in İzmir and said, “İzmir has set an example to the world with its culture and art vision, solidarity culture and vision. As we emphasized at the UCLG İzmir Culture Summit, we believe that economic and ecological transformation can be achieved through culture. Therefore, culture and art should be kept alive even in crisis situations. We have adopted the way of active participation and solidarity in order to make the culture sustainable in the city.”

Creative policies come to the fore

Organized for the fifth time this year by UCLG, the International Culture 21 Awards are given to cities that develop good practices for the promotion and dissemination of culture, which is considered the fourth pillar of sustainable development. The international cultural visibility of the award-winning cities and their cultural communication with other municipalities are increasing.

The applications for the award given by the UCLG Cultural Committee were evaluated by the jury team with expertise in the field of culture and arts. In the jury committee chaired by Catherine Cullen, Diana Alarcón González, Claudia Curiel de Icaza, Francisco d'Almeida and Assoc. Dr. Serhan Ada took place.

Izmir's solidarity set an example to the world

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality kept the city's cultural and artistic activities alive through solidarity and governance during the pandemic period. In order to ensure sustainability in all branches of art, action plans were created by making a coordinated progress with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, sector representatives, non-governmental organizations, unions and chambers. More than 2 theater tickets were purchased from private theaters with stages in Izmir, the rents of the theaters for theater performances were reduced by half, 500 theaters were interviewed in the Sofita Izmir project, and 56 plays were digitally broadcast in Izmir at the 38th Izmir Theater Days.Tube Published on. More than 2 million TL was contributed to thousands of theater veterans. With the trainings, more than 3 million TL was contributed to the music industry, over 1 million TL to the local cinema sector, and over 1,5 million TL to the plastic arts.

Award-winning cities

In 2022, the following cities received the International UCLG Culture 21 award: Buenos Aires from Argentina (grand prize), Dublin from Ireland, Izmir from Turkey, Busan and Jinju from South Korea, Bandung from Indonesia, Ouagadougou from Burkina Faso and Tevragh Zeina from Mauritania.

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