Disabled Citizens Discovered Summer Districts with İZDENİZ Expeditions

Disabled Citizens Discovered Summer Districts With IZDENIZ Expeditions
Disabled Citizens Discovered Summer Districts with İZDENİZ Expeditions

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has started sea voyages so that disabled citizens can spend the summer months in the best way. İZDENİZ A.Ş. Disabled citizens discovered summer towns with the Güzelbahçe-Mordoğan-Foça ferry services.

The summer expeditions initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to leave a mark on the lives of disabled citizens with the goal of an unhindered city made people smile. Disabled citizens showed great interest in the Konak - Güzelbahçe - Mordoğan - Foça flights organized by the General Directorate of İZDENİZ. The ship departs from Konak at 08.00:08.45 every Tuesday during the summer season for disabled citizens and a companion, departs from Güzelbahçe at 09.45:10.30 and Mordoğan at XNUMX:XNUMX, reaches Foça at XNUMX:XNUMX and returns on the same route in the evening. .

“Thank you for positive discrimination”

Buca Disabled Association President Harun Kara, who went to Mordoğan with his wife Nazan Kara using the İZDENİZ expedition, said, “This service is a very valuable service for us. Every Tuesday, we direct many disabled friends and members to this event. First of all, we would like to thank our President Tunç Soyer for the positive discrimination he has shown to the disabled. We are very pleased and thank you for the approach of the İZDENİZ staff and the service they have provided to us.”

“Our disabled people were not leaving their homes”

Güzelbahçe City Council President Oya Türkeli, who accompanied the expeditions especially for the participation of young people with disabilities, said, “We are very happy for our disabled people. We have disabled people who have never been to Foça. Many of our disabled people did not leave their homes. They should also travel and see, add meaning to their lives. We would like to thank our President Tunç Soyer and İZDENİZ. Our disabled people were waiting for this day. They have been up since the early hours and they are very happy.”

“She is very excited and happy today”

Mother Gülten Aktulum, who set out with her disabled son Hüseyin Aktulum, said, “Hüseyin wanted to travel, it was an opportunity and we are going together. I got a message about this time on my phone and we came together. It's my first time going too. As mothers, we have a hard time. They want to go out in the heat, travel, wander. We never took it to the sea this summer. It was very good as we were working and did not have a car. I just came to show him around. He is also very excited and happy today. He asked the time until the morning out of excitement. We are very happy, thank you for everything.” said.

“Very nice to feel the sea”

On the other hand, the visually impaired couple Hakan and Ayten Doğanay, who went on vacation to Mordoğan, said, “We didn't make ferry trips very often. In general Karşıyaka We were going back and forth between Konak and Konak. We are going to Mordoğan for vacation now. I think it's good that the trip is on a Tuesday. It's nice to feel the sea here. The cruise was very well thought out,” he said.

“We can't afford to travel”

Hüseyin Özlü, who has a physical disability, said, “I liked it very much. As long as there are summer trips, I will come all the time. I see places I haven't been to, places I can't go. We did not have such an opportunity because we were disabled. I am very pleased with his cage, his journey and his safety.” Zuhal Kuyucu said, “I am very pleased with these ferry services of the Metropolitan. I was very happy to hear the news. We can't afford to travel. My friend heard that he told us. I'm happy to go places we couldn't go. We also see different places. We would like to thank our President Tunç Soyer for everything. May their success always be." While Emirhan Demir expressed his excitement, his mother Döne Demir said: “We are very pleased that they have prepared such an organization for our disabled children. It's our first time trying. Hopefully, we will be satisfied with the places we go.”

How to apply

Citizens with a disabled Izmirim Card and their relatives with an Izmirim Companion Card can make a reservation by calling 0232 320 00 35 (Ext. 102-103) to join the tour and informing the pier where they will board. Since the ship's capacity is 300 people, it must be called at least one day before the voyage.

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